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  1. Stephany

    Cancer venus and mars. Vedic Cancer sun…ooooooo

  2. m p

    waiting for the taurus reading very patiently sort of lol

  3. Lyrical Butterflies

    I sure don’t feel like anyone wants me lol


    I could already feel me being myself and being more open this month already starting and at my job I’m a cashier and a lot of people find me attractive so they make donations to the lo ma Linda hospital I think it’s funny cause people try to flirt and I’m just trying to work hard and get my bag up 🤩🤩💰

  5. Kari Smith

    Yikes! I just listened (posting before listening=we love Amber) and at 4:19 I swear you said Kari. As if speaking to me directly😂I’m sure it must be “carrying” but I’ll hear what you WANT me to hear so that I pay attention to the message 😉

  6. Keisha Fowler

    Is the extended available? I can't see which one it is on Vimeo. It's not titled properly for some reason.

  7. Chaniqua Frazier

    I just love your readings! ♋️🌕 remember your are the light! ❤️

  8. Keisha Fowler

    "The leaving of what you thought it would be is the only way you can get what it should be." Meditation showed me this! And you're words just reinforced the confirmation.

    "This is someone who knows how to pay their, bill's this is someone who has money, this is someone that doesn't need you to raise them." MIND.BLOWN!

  9. Kyrah Cheyenne

    This makes me feel so seen, so understood.💛

  10. sweetsarcasm91

    I've never felt so seen and understood. This was such a read and it resonated to a T. Thank you for the comfort, I really needed it. #cancermoon

  11. Kari Smith


    TY Amber. We Cancerians CAN be patient..we just don’t like to be🤗 ♋️❤️

  12. Tess

    This came at the perfect time. ❤

  13. Miss Davids

    HEY am I really here first? Salaam Amber 🙂 Looking mashallah. I don't want to be needed by anyone anymore I want people to do for themselves now. I choose me.

  14. Lila Hesse

    what a wonderful surprise. Thank you. Can't wait for the extended

  15. PreciousxLolaa

    Thank you for your reading. One of my faves ❤️

  16. Ok Pires

    You are my safe space. ♋️♐️♐️

  17. chelsea faustino

    ☀️ cancer sun ☀️ you telling us to chill on the serious romance bs for a sec and flirt a lil so that we can let go of our tendency to mold people into our ideal partners like i lowkey didnt know that got me like 😬🙃🤪

  18. Audrey Nova

    I have been waiting for your reading!! I’m only 3 minimum in, just wanted to let you know YOU ROCK 🤘🏼

  19. Lenierge Buron

    Love the filter 😍😍😍

  20. Lee Lee

    @14:24 🙌 what you said resonated

  21. Tiffany James

    Wowsers! the first 1 minute spoke to me already…*tears…I pulled those three cards for myself and didn't really know how to interpret them…

  22. sxcychk1

    Love this reading ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Andrea Delgado

    Man I love you.
    Amber: Hi cancer, first a couple of things
    Me: and I oop

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