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  1. Jules Mercer

    Moving to new york next month! spot on <3

  2. Asen longchar

    Thank you so much Estelle 💓

    I hope you have a good month as well 🌸
    May God bless you 😊

  3. Claire Claire

    Downsizing and clearing out old stuff so that I can travel for a year! It is exciting! I am 56. It's time!

  4. Aleksandra Veble

    Thank you, Estelle, I wish all of us will have a great month of October

  5. Ggg

    I'm going for it ! Registered to take my certification class – hoping for brighter days ahead – I've been through the hardest times since 2/2019 – feeling low- relationships tested, job on the brink of falling apart ; – praying for better days ahead

  6. Bob Johal

    Hey hello my ANGEL hope you are keeping well Estelle :)xx ,i have been going throgh some really tuff times which is why you have not seen me on here 🙁 , but i feel really energised by the reading Estelle for as alwasy cant thank you enough , sending your self lots of Love 🙂 Bobby xxx

  7. Hinemoa Métisse

    I also hope it's a great month too.
    Bless you. 🍀 🙏 🌞 🌺 🌹

  8. tessa-kldj Claudia

    Thank you ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. Hello Happiness

    Thank You Estelle🙏🌹

  10. Jenny Box

    thank you for the lovely reading for October so looking forward to it

  11. Linda Green

    This makes so much sense to me

  12. Jill Lee


  13. Renaud Dupuis

    Major surgery Oct.04 in an other Canadian province, thanks for the hope ..

  14. Karen A

    Just finished Reiki one and two. I love it. I’m going to go for it!! Thanks for the confirmation. As usual you are spot on dear sweet Estelle!! 💕

  15. Shahram Khayam

    Thank you for the wonderful and powerful message! You are the best. I am so grateful. I am so appreciative and I WILL TAKE THAT AMAZING OPPORTUNITY. IT IS MINE. DEFINITELY MINE. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love you! Take care always. Love, light and peace always! ❤❤❤🌷🌷🌷

  16. Sharryn Steele Jones

    I am going for it! Thank you for the encouragement Estelle xx

  17. Rebecca Parker

    Hi Estelle! I posted my THANK YOU for this Cancer reading on the Pisces forum! Sorry!

  18. Carrie

    Your so awesome Estelle. Thank you so much. 💗💗💗

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