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  1. Sherry Stevens

    Your readings always are connected to me. I think 1 wasn't this year.


    Listening to this and crying. Every single word was so true. Oh my gosh!

  3. S N

    It was not an odd reading… It was packed with accuracy and helpful insights. Thank you so so so so very much. 🌟🌛🦀🌜🌟

  4. Odyssey of Enlightenment

    Spot on⚡

  5. S N


    "Imagine a bird carrying a big suitcase…"

  6. S N

    Listening, riveted, to every word.
    Absolutely astounding accuracy, as always!
    (Solar Return ♋ Ascendant here.)

  7. Sarah rose

    Cancer rising! As I say I’m not bipolar my life is 👌🏻I’ve learnt to surf x I met a man younger nothing as yet!! The dreams are right on too! thanks Ace wishing you love


    I really feel this reading was a personal reading just for me. Every single card you were dead on point. I really enjoy your readings. I love that you really explain and open up on each card. I would love to get a personal reading from you please. If you could let me know if that is possible I would greatly appreciate it a lot. Thank you again for your time and energy that you place in your readings. I am so very grateful.

  9. Sonya Herrera

    It wasn't odd. It was absolutely right! And I'm in the present right now. I'm actually a cross watcher and this was my reading. I'm sending a message to am editor today. I'll tell you more later

  10. whyme6911

    Thank you

  11. mia Williams

    Thank you ace of Pentecales. Your so very right. I will be moving and relocating. This will be a new chapter of my life .i am truly grateful for this opportunity .but i must admit i am a bit nervous as well only because its new. Your the best and please wish me well.i can certainly use it. Many blessings to you always.😀😀😀😀🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖

  12. Petriina L.

    Thank you❤

  13. thisisme thisisme

    I'm older by 6 years but hes confident not cocky, Thank you❤I'm ready when hes ready❤❤❤❤I have been having strangest vividest dreams ever, recently!!!

  14. cjmac661

    Cancer moon. Resonated. Thanks Ace!

  15. Kwan Yin

    Thank you Ace, 💞

  16. Kwan Yin

    Yes, i AM READY! 🙏🏻💕💖❤️💞💓

  17. Sam Sleep

    Thank you ❤

  18. Shannon Shannonbobannon

    “Sorting out the paper clips”😂😂😂

  19. TheCarpiu

    I love it ACE xxxx

  20. Kyriaki Zafeiriadou

    Thank you so much dear !💖💖💖

  21. Ahmed q

    My fav #HUMANGEL

  22. Latia Avril

    I do be up all night it drives me crazy! I wanna sleep 😭😩😩😩😴😴😴

  23. Iulia C

    Thanks! 🤗🤗🤗

  24. Ciara Lauren Smith

    I been crying here. Getting messages from multiple sources. And you are blessed

  25. Ciara Lauren Smith

    How can you be so right?

  26. Elizabeth Jackson

    Thanks so much my beautiful Ace!!!!❤️😘🌸🌺💕🍓🌹

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