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  1. Marie Mar

    I’m Cancer and just broke up with Gemini. I know he doesn’t or didn’t love me coz he cheated on me with Leo and also he cheated on his wife with same woman Leo. So disgusting! I am moving on and this is for better. I have so much self respect that I don’t want to get involved with immortality of of this two.

  2. pdharrison2010

    My thinking is so off, I'm exhausted and just simply want stable love. Sigh.

  3. DenSid

    He is pisces I'm cancerian and he has block me 2 days before…. He is narcissist

  4. Mindy Davis

    Beautiful cards, I wouldn’t love the deck:)

  5. Noman gujjar

    Oh yeah so when she come back ?

  6. Yuhara Watson

    Beautiful sweet reading and thank you for your sweet message!God bless you amen 🙏 always a very special blessing good morning 😃🌞☀️ love ❤️ your beautiful reading!! ☝️

  7. Nature Scenes

    Cancer, I’m a Scorpio. I know that you’re choosing Gemini so I am leaving. Good luck to you both. I should have just no agreed to coming back.

  8. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi beautiful thank you blessings hi

  9. Princess J

    Hoping to reconcile with scorpio.

  10. marisol torres

    My situationship is exhausting…

  11. jussyknevins

    Thank you forvthis reading, it gives me great hope and is completely resonant. I would be grateful to be in the running to win the cards. Bless you. 💖

  12. Withdrawn4peace

    U tap into my energy so well, ur so well spoken and blessed. Thank u for this gift u share w us. I am interested in the deck.

  13. Lilly Carbuccia

    I’d love to win that magical deck.

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