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  1. Odyssey of Enlightenment

    My mars is in aries 3rd house my venus & mercury in leo 7th house. Fire + air = inferno⚡🔥

  2. Melek Tosun

    You were spot on! I was very patient and gave so many chances but I’m done now.

  3. 3xoticx

    This fire sign is runninig the FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK away frm my cancer. NONONO I dont want you back please go away

  4. Bassile

    When you mentioned the mundane, boring task, I had to laugh. I have paperwork up to the ceiling right now and I have had to put off my medical coding class to get anything done at all. Oh boy.

  5. alyssa J

    Spot on. My sister. She's a narcissist, with seasonal disorders, that causes a lot of drama, with a whole lot of guilt trips. I cut all ties from her. I miss my brother, i miss my uncles. They all left this world, n i was so close to them, they were my mentors. Since there gone, she's there. So i closed my door on her, n when she knocks i hide…

  6. Nina Vargas

    He was abusive that's the only reason why and I'm healing from all the bullshit


    ♋🦀💦 Your voice was fine, no worries. And thank you for the reading. 💐

  8. pia madison

    First time visiting your channel. Really enjoyed your clarity. Subscribed. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

  9. Heather Dunbar

    family midget brother and 81 year old tyrannical controlling nasty mouth person. I have no choice. They need a Cinderella. Not me!! Battling entities on a daily basis. My awaekeniing was like a volcano. Family stress getting in the way. I keep telling myself im going to fly out of here. How can I talk to him when he's with a casting karmic? I just want to go home.. This empath is tired of being surrounded by selfish humans all about me me me. Im done with those energy draining ignorant idiots whom sit around eating hotdogs & watching the telly daily. They are brain washed. Makes for the devils puppets to keep me trapped. Real dummies. They are not nor understanding of spirituality.. There's no love in their hearts. Im done.

  10. Cherry Dee

    I had a dream I was writing for a job like an administrator job. So thank you for confirming that because I was like what the hell was this.

  11. Cherry Dee

    U are so right. At first I thought my ex was it then one day I got another vision of a guy. The following night I dreamed of a baby with light eyes. My ex have dark brown eyes. I’m all the way open for someone new to come along. I love being inlove. My brother is so controlling, ever since my parents died he wants to take over everything but don’t want to contribute to the household but wants to be in control, he wants everything in his name although he doesn’t pay any bills.

  12. Gwen Delighted

    I'm moving forward trying to remove toxic people, places & thing I'm always giving to others & not receiving it in return

  13. DONNA WMS #219


  14. Bernadette DSouza

    Thank you 🙏 Ace for your precious time and energy.

  15. Tiffany Cancer

    My God, wow,
    Yes I have recently talked with my 1st cousin who's an aries.
    It didn't start off great tho. Some information was twisted around by a selfish, want all of the attention sister. But anyways I've corrected what was said to my cousin. And yes she is tring to reunite but I feel iffy. Idk why I feel this way but just tring to approach this slowly, not rushing and not despite i love my family but I feel distance helps prevent failure. Really I just want to come out my shell slowly. I just attract the weirdest ppl and or situations, really i just don't want to be botherd. I just wanted to clear my name to my aunt, her daughter is the aries that cruisin in after a negative start.

  16. Kwan Yin

    Fellow fire sign? Cancer is water….

  17. DivaMatrix Castoff

    And spiritually protected

  18. DivaMatrix Castoff

    You are spot on with both, my sister and my ex Leo I left. I am divinely guided

  19. Vicki Kaaihili

    Great job! Thank you!!!

  20. H P

    Hi Ace, this is my moon sign and it resonated 100%. Its my cousin. Her mom my Aunt even tries to make everything a competition even when it comes to our kids. I do get alot of unwanted attention from men and women. I dont like it. Its not that im insecure. I jst like to go abt my business without prying eyes on me. You're right I do keep my cousin in the bck of my mind. I do feel like people are going act like her towards me. Oh my my! With this love situation. I knw who it is. I recieved the same message multiple times in my dreams. I've had sychronicities, and confirmations of the sort. Recieved messages from different people as well and I've made my resistance clear. The funny thing is, I've always had this inner knowing abt this and when I got confirmation it made me more resistant to it. 😊

  21. The Great owl Sister

    He is an air sign😂😂😂u slipped out right😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Brandi Buchanan

    You did great I have a cousin yes the problem is her jealousy i worked very hard for my life she had it easy she betrayed me alot i forgave her alot I'm trying it again but i backed off because i had enough i helped her alot but it just turns to jealousy everytime i am in hermit mode my spirituality is getting so deepen I'm seeing so much everyday I have 2 guys the fire sign is my husband but we dont talk I dont know if he still love me or not our seperation was just us pulling apart from a struggle I'm dating a air sign I'm so unsure about him so you just told me everything that is truly going on in my life exactly how you seen it I was very amazed when I listened to you and it touched my heart deeply thank you I'm working on me so much sometimes I'm unsure if I'm doing it right spirituality and yes I get compliments others are drawn to me so bad I dont tske the compliments they might look and say woww you're so special unique and I'll say no I'm just normal please I'm just like you but it does have alot to do with family member that had caused me so much problems for nothing thank you for this reading I really needed this

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