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  1. anartsil63

    He as no choice I made a decision he is too toxic and I don't want him anymore. I waited for him for almost 6 months he didn't male a decision só now I bloked him and walked away . Now that is his problem. I don't even want tô talk with him. He must go tô the longe lost of exes with whom He's been dealing, not with me. He owes me a por of money and that's the only thing I want from him.

  2. Moon Child

    I'm with a pisces 🤨 I'm a little blah about him right now.

  3. Lillian P.

    Thankyou..that was intense.had to pause it halfway to take a break 😅

  4. Dianna Souza

    great reading, you were right on! 🙂

  5. Shannon Harkenreader-ortiz

    My husband a whore.left me

  6. ButterCup Jones

    Girl I almost had a damn heart attack when I heard the baby, lol. Thank you ♡

  7. Brenda Mitchell

    I’m not happy in this relationship ! Because honestly he’s always working and never home and when he does come home he just wants to go take a shower and eat and then lay down and not do nun ! I’m like okay this is boring 💯I miss the old him the one that laughs at everything and smiles at everything and makes me smile I love him to much ❤️to let him go he makes me better ! I think I should talk to him about it but I just don’t wnat to see him cry 😭 at all I love him to much and yes his uncle is always bening rude to him telling him to do this and that he just mad cuz his girl is only around for his money 💯🤣 but idc about him

  8. Chiquita Scott

    I love me before anyone else with respect and to trust and receive my love and respect to stay positive thoughts and be around high vibrational people only yes I'm dealing with ♓ but at a distance no communication after living together for 10 years growing up together and it's been 4montd months since we seen each other last talked on 7/14 last texted 8/14 saying he's sorry he's going to marry me and fix this mess he doesn't want to loose me but wanting me but not providing accurate information with communication with cause proof or proper details so I'm loving myself more than ever doing what I need to do for myself going to school and trying to start my own happiness dreams goals and business I'm tired of broken promises and dreams it's his family I love him so much for being in my life but I'm a strong beautiful Queen who knows her worth and respect

  9. Deborah TruthSeeker

    You need a microphone. I can hardly hear you.

  10. Light As a Feather LAAF

    Beautiful read, thank you for the clarity.

  11. Kimberly Ann Lynch

    Incredible you are. truly incredible

  12. Messiah Jones

    If someone left me because of someone else… don't come the hell back stay that ass right over there cause I don't want nobody back that left for someone else🙄

  13. Chimere Brooks

    Humm we shall see hes entertaining the peasants

  14. A Neves


  15. Jaanika


  16. Seqoia Cutrer

    What's the song playing

  17. Suzy x

    😥🥰♥️🤗👍 step away from toxic energy. Move to , healing peace , love.

  18. Jenna Klink

    yes it did resonate thank you, love your energy 🙂

  19. L T


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