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  1. hang man

    Spot on 👆🏽 👍🏽 thats what
    Happened to me now 😔😒

  2. I AM Champion Carl DeGennaro

    Thank You this is resonating with me I released my Ex girlfriend years ago and I am just focusing on myself and I know I met my True Soulmate and I understand she’s healing and I am healing and in Divine Timing we will be together Love To Everyone

  3. Celia Croskery

    Love your reading, it was speaking about me totally. I'm so ready to let someone good, loving, respectful and ready to love as I am. Thank you, keep the good work up.

  4. Mara Althea

    yes I"m trying to release the past but it so hard haha..been dealing with this narcissist pisces for years . I cant still remove the hope he will change lol

  5. Elizabeth Marez

    I like it better the way you use to do it before

  6. Cameka Johnson

    Thank you

  7. michelle

    5:05 ,reading starts

  8. whyme6911

    Thank you

  9. Cecilia Veranga

    Thank you

  10. Esme Sanchez

    Yes!! Im ready!

  11. Kiwi YT


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