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  1. Tamra Stefanski

    I ment EMBRACED!!!!! with love 😍 sorry.

  2. wyzolma99

    Thank you for the wonderful reading🙏💖

  3. Tamra Stefanski

    It is me again. Just wanted to say I found you around 3 weeks ago I really feel comfortable connecting with you. Thank you for sharing your self with us. Such a beautiful soul.

  4. Tamra Stefanski

    The Angels have had a word in my ear also to connect with you. I am going into hospital on the 10th of September, and having a camera going up my Ying Yang. I have been asking spirt for help to keep me safe. I really feel that someone I know has put a curse on me. Connecting with spirit through you is so comforting. This reading was incredibly beautiful. I feel like I am being embarrassed with so much love right now, it brings tears to my eyes. So much love 😍. Thank you so much for being here for us, and your beautiful readings. There is so much love 😍peace love and love light to all.

  5. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi pretty. Thank you. Blessings

  6. pupito ruthie

    Thank you so much.. good vibes and peace to you ..

  7. T Brown

    Hi wonderful reading thank you, how do I get a private reading 😀

  8. Barbie Howard

    Awesome 🙅🌟💛♋👑🙌 Thankyou 💟🌈💒

  9. Wizardofozzy

    I’m loving this. I can’t wait for the universe to slap me in the face with blessings❤️. Thank you!

  10. anartsil63

    Amazing beautiful reading 💜Deeply grateful 💜💜💜

  11. Sue Williams

    Dispatch that cup of blessings…I am ready!🙅🏻‍♀️🙏

  12. Lucimar Teixeira

    Thank you 🙏❤️awesome reading as always !! 🙏💪🌈

  13. Helena h

    The angels know I need those blessings coming out of my "Ying Yang"!!! Thank you for the great reading!

  14. Tiara M.


  15. K P

    Love this reading and your story about taking a few flights of stairs during times of overthinking. I’ve started to take more walks outside when I get to those points and it has been so helpful. A quick 15 min stroll with an insightful podcast always brings me back 😊

  16. Alfaranas Empire Alfaranas

    Am so happy to see your video mum😍

  17. Tandy Lynn Ennis

    smiles~ shanks out the yin yang, friend. lol….

  18. JaOh KitiKun

    One door closed. Another door opens. Always keep positive. Good things are coming 💓 Thanks for your beautiful reading 😘

  19. Tandy Lynn Ennis

    I've been waiting on you, ma'am…. muahhhh!

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