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  1. Ask Glam

    You are correct !!!

  2. Angie L

    On point!!!!!

  3. TaliWho9

    Sooo beautifully accurate. ❤❤

  4. Alice Warren

    Virgo!!!!! WOW! That's him! OMG 😍! And he's trying to get me! 6mos! Flirting with me, all the time!

  5. A. Taye

    Totally resonating with this. He moved fast when we finally met in 3d. And I fell deeply in love. And I never truly had this before…so excited

  6. Melissa Zaineb

    Spot on girl!! He even said I'm a breath of fresh air.

  7. Linda Davis

    Idk if i can trust him

  8. Linda Davis

    Yes i am the libra lol

  9. Felicia.xo

    🙏💞💜💞 Thank you for this reading. I hope for the best.

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