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  1. TaWanda Joyner

    Love it! Awesome message🌞. Keep Up the Great Work❣

  2. Moon beams tarot Tiffany wells

    Dealing with an Aries ♈️😞

  3. Locke Pickah

    Savage xd
    Tah for the read

  4. yuyun wahyuni


  5. Tiana Thomas

    I love your accent😎

  6. Don H

    Apparently I suck and need to get my shit together….lmao

  7. Michelle Miles

    Thank you 🦋💙

  8. Jay Love

    Omg I love your fkn realnesss!!! Yess. Thank you for keeping it straight up and down>>>>>> like 6 o' clock🕕🌬 💜 thank you for your readings

  9. tonirae hamilton

    Yep. Dealt with 2 Cancer men gone. Not sure about this one is Cancer I didnt feel he was truthful.

  10. omoruyi divine

    You're 100%right 💯🤦‍♀️👍thanks for this reading ❤❤❤

  11. Sharon Hayes

    June july spot on hun spot on ..August a bit wishy washy …but i do love you…a sag reptile just fcked up

  12. Rena Manvelova

    I love the way you talk you are adorable yes yes an earth sign trying to be a player

  13. Michelle Jackson

    😍🙏So true

  14. cosmicmoon baby

    Spot on. Learned my lesson to not make an offer. Dropped the virgo fuckboy

  15. Julianna Watkins

    You are so amazing and real with your messages. Thank you 🙏

  16. Christy B

    Got my tower moment the other day. My ex (Taurus) who is the love of my life just remarried. Still healing but am finally letting this rest that he is gone. Was not right to reconcile but cancer can be very tenacious even when it isn’t for our best interest.

  17. Bernadette DSouza

    Elisa Jane
    Thank you for your precious time and energy.
    Elisa Jane I love ❤️ your hair the way you have it in this reading also 💕 your nails and how you match your outfit accordingly, you look beautiful overall .
    Talking about spells , ♎️ my son /Libra went to a woman 👩 said he needed to be cleaned , she took him to the ocean and ducked him a few time under water 🚿 then kept putting a red cloth over his face , now he’s depressed to the point where I’m afraid 😱 of the outcome !
    I even saw her and she did some crap to me , but she kept saying you’re strong 💪 and you’re a witch , then steamed my 🖐 hand 🖐 over some kind of water , since I haven’t seen my way , my money 💰 keeps going to her 🏠 house and I’m wondering what the hell shes done ✅ to us ?!

  18. Miss Davids

    It is a Taurus. I don't care it is not a reflection of me and my worth. Taurus man asked me straight on past Sunday "Will you sleep with me?" and I laughed. We been flirting for about just over a month. I was not pursuing him. he called, he offered weekend visit to pay for flights etc. I must have communicated that way of getting to know each other wasnt sitting well with me. And its just been dying off. I been single and abstinent for 3yrs now. No mf worries.

  19. Val Duke

    I literally have a woman who said I am so very kind and who met me last week and we've talked and she liked me I thought, said that I'm so very kind and good this morning. But then when I asked if she is done with me? She read and never replied. Prior to it I told her that I like her and want to get to know her more and more than just as a friend. I also told her that I was naive to think that there was a chance for us, for few key reasons. That I know she could find much better than me. At any rate, ball is in her corner now that she knows for a fact that I like her more than just as a friend. She has had trust issues with 2 exes total in the past years and ladt one ended 6 months ago and she ended it with them. So she has said days back she can be suspicious of men. And admitted she is very scared of being vulnerable overall.
    Your message is eery, timing wise. Not sure if it will apply for me, but time will tell.
    Thank you. We are both cancer signs.

  20. Dream Catcher

    I love your readings Elisa. You hit hard and that is good. To be honest it was hard at first. But I grew stronger and people certainly have made me to love myself a lot more. It’s all good. I want high vibrations and I can buy my own house. I will not tolerate any sneaky false behavior in my life I don’t care how beautiful they are that’s why God looks for the inside of person not the outside. But we get distorted always looking on-the outside thinking we should be with this person or that one. Work on self and the rest will follow. Peace Dream Catc her…

  21. Patrice Anderson

    Thank you for your message.

  22. Shacara Jordan

    Instantly subscribed cancer dealing with virgo exact situation wow 😮

  23. Monica Northington

    not into marriage or dating right now

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