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  1. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi. Pretty. Thank you. Blessings

  2. shirley shepherd

    I'm cancer my ex was Capricorn and he was the player

  3. Pat KM

    I won't be single for long know what I want now done with lies going out on my own lies

  4. Pat KM

    I am going on out on my own need to have a life of my own tired of bs oh hell I am going out to start dating I belong to no man done with games have no trust anymore no faith left no past comes back no ecs to late not going there gemina libra aqa betrayed no way its over all done with to many lies soul mate was out with other women no way in hell all of you go away I need no man

  5. Pat KM

    I make my own life players liars cheaters third parties no way after what I have been through no way no way sag player no way getting near me now I make my life no way no apologies wanted door in closed no dont want it not accepted no players over this crap I am going out on my own I wait on no man to many lies here dont bother me anymore no apology accepted ghosted us army go away dont buy it anymore in and out done over I pick my own man dont even try player go away no interested in any one no way no one gets near third party no way stay away player all of you stay no one stay away no one accepted to many lies cap stay away you lied dont try video games in a relationship someone else now I know why you wanted the cards for games go away liar cancer really in another relationship someone else dont try I won't accept anyone anymore

  6. Leo Empress

    Yes toxic water, don't swim with him!!
    💯 H.I.M

  7. JR

    Virgo here you nailed that reading about my cancer wow

  8. Ana boo

    All that Earth energy! 😕 thanks for the warning my ex Capricorn can keep his apologies 😂🦀

  9. Nyesha Casby

    Yep…told him get the hell on and be with his side chicks…. he 2 damn friendly

  10. Nyesha Casby

    The other way around with a Sagittarius….. heart broken cause i caught on to the bullshit!! Omg… he definitely a player player!!

  11. BJ

    Ooo my ex Capricorn is a hot mess!

  12. Purple Reighn's

    We will leave the sex/money addicted sag cap right where he is until he pounces on someone and robs them as well, that's his craft. He's single because, someone got him, took flight. I hope someone did get him for all of the women and his own children that he has fleeced in the past. Looking at a new email from him now. Crazy, stealing homes, cars, people's inheritance, etc…he isn't charming, more entertaining in a weird way. Oh! That's what he is….a Catfish! He catfishes on the internet, I grew up with him…same person as when he was a child. If there was internet availability back then, he'd be a billionaire today. Him and another capricorn. Neither has a job, one sings here and there in LA. The other makes hip hop videos…they are way too old for what they are doing and usually target very young women.

  13. Tracie Harrison

    I love your readings, I hurry up to click when I get the notification. Like the new episode of The Young and the Restless. Lol

  14. dlal alzahrani


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