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  1. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u🌹

  2. Ruth Saunders

    Now you confused me. First you said it’s over with that person… then it’s not. Then he is coming back… then end of a cycle…then a new beginning. With whom.

  3. Veronica Balaban

    you are amazing..

  4. shampa sazia

    This reading is so accurate and I want everything to happen that you read I want to be with that specific Aries man… and I like your style and attitude btw 😎

  5. Michelle Blunt

    Thank you so much on point and you helped a lot!

  6. sophia muller

    Me and my Scorpio counterpart

  7. Therese Meggitt

    Thanks! 👩🏼‍🌾💕🐶

  8. Selene Divinatio

    Thank you for the reading. But to me its over. He chose someone else. Someone more suitable for him and his entourage. I wasn't. He cut me off for that other person. So he can stay with her. I am done.

  9. Millie Negro

    Hi Ali, love your work. I went on your page to book a reading but would just like to ask.. Is that $45 AUD or USD?? Im in Australia and if it's in American dollars it doubles the price for me unfortunately, thanks.

  10. Gena Santalucia

    Free will.

  11. Jen Simon

    Resonates, thank you, Ali! Amazing as always. You are awesome!🤩❤

  12. Aleah Harrigan

    I actually am doing great energy wise lol, I’m over it but my Scorpio counterpart is for lack of a better term “reaping what he’s sown” and hitting his rock bottom aaaand I’m leaving it alone, lots of abundance going on with my career. If it’s meant to be it will be! But I’m leaving it alone😌❤️🙏🏽

  13. Meka Simmons

    I just Love ❤️ your break downs 💌I’m a cancer in separation with a Capricorn

  14. Payal Patel

    I love you:* u look so cute

  15. Jengc877

    thank you❤

  16. Sheila Ann

    Still don't know who, but looking forward to my new beginning.your still awesome. Glad to hear your doing great.

  17. Jane Teasdale

    Negative energy very flat ha ha

  18. HaloJay222 222

    Thank you. I do manifest about my TF all day, every day. I do feel as if this connection is over. We are at a distance and he has detached. I need to hug him, maybe steal some kisses too.

  19. Cristina L.

    Your reading strongly resonated with my current situation. Thank you so much! You're amazing!!

  20. Vera Loveless69

    You are my favorite part of the day 💕 do you have Instagram?

  21. Frank Holstein

    I'm just assuming it's over and I'm moving along. She's burned me before so I'm really not that into her anymore.

  22. Mara Althea

    I just want closure and apology from my cheating ex, but he still not giving it, it's been four months, He's messaging me while being with someone else but it's all nonsense as if nothing happened

  23. r butterflies


  24. Aline Batista

    Thanks for the reading…

  25. A Men

    Enjoyed your reading

  26. Swetha Y

    Yes hes my cancer he dealing with me Aries we r seperated from since 10 months waiting fr reconsile reunion

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