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  1. Nicholas Ashbaugh

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  2. Alice Maureaux

    So crazy! I have been waking up at 3 every morning and i did make an appointment with a professional! Also, very worried about revealing my zebra stripes, so this was a powerful message for me.


    ♋🦀💦💖 As always, thank you for your generosity & for sharing your gift with us. Many blessings & continued success to you & your channel. May prosperity be abundant. 🙏🕯️🏆💵

  4. Blanca S

    A spouse?

  5. Theresa Dennes

    Such good advice & wonderful reading, as always!

  6. mitsy blue

    THANK you nicholas I appreciate your hard work and dedication

  7. K P

    Another amazing reading 😊 also did anyone notice the video get brighter at 3:54 when he said to turn up your own thoughts?! Whoa!

  8. mitsy blue

    THANK you

  9. Deborah Thiel

    Thank you for your clarity Nicholas.

  10. Danila Angileri

    I don’t take s…t from anyone.
    I am aware of the people pleaser behavior and as long I do me everyone else can do what they want.
    I help those in need reminded of all the people that helped me.
    Thank you for the reading 🙏💗

  11. ron welsh

    you are totally on point with scorpio and cancer for me this month thanks

  12. Anusha Shashidhar

    Oh my god!!!! Engaged to a Virgo, freaking out, concerned about my own life goals… Because he's not ready even though he wants to take it forward.

  13. Nouf Alharthi

    I love your sticky notes 📝 💪🏼🖤🎇😆☕️ me too

  14. cheryl Thompson

    I LOVE your readings!! Thank you!!

  15. Allie Goodell

    Thank you

  16. Debb Stark

    Thank you for your readings. They are wonderful. I love your beautiful room also. Those flowers 🥰🤗

  17. Rhonda Dortch

    Yes I am moving. Looking for a 🏠. Uhmm

  18. Rhonda Dortch

    Ive certainly had to say No.

  19. Rhonda Dortch

    I agree.

  20. Rhonda Dortch

    Yeeeesss discuss whatever needs to definately be addressed. Dont just alk around with it festering or loosing sleep over it.

  21. Rhonda Dortch

    Your amazing. Thank you… Yes

  22. Rhonda Dortch

    I did remove the tv out of my room especially for that reason and it does help.

  23. Rhonda Dortch

    Thatd true. At the very beginning.

  24. Rhonda Dortch

    Yes. Im very excited. The worst is over and things are smoothing out and coming together nice and stead.

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