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  1. Liz Madrid

    This reading made me cry..I don't know where to go , left or right. You nailed it. I wish i had some clarity.

  2. aanchal motwani


  3. J Fry

    I was forced to reject my divine counterpart outside of the matrix while we burned off Karma for the entire world. Now that we are done with that, I can join with my earthly twin flame and reap these rewards while uplifting mass consciousness. Thank you for this reading.

  4. Tina Harper

    Thank you I needed to hear this reading.

  5. Laura Patricia Ortega

    So in point my soul mate rejected me Libra, and I hv cut him off as I enjoy our sex however, I am more and deserve more than sex. You hv cleared some doubts about what was keeping him from showing his true feelings towards me as everytime we're together I see and sense his love through his eyes! 😉 I am a single mother so now I know that could've been one of the reasons he rejected my love as he may not b ready to commit to an older woman with children. I know he'll come back as we are both healing and working towards each other's good vibes and energy. Waiting on my true love. 💛

  6. Maria B

    I have no children.

  7. Esther Nebel

    This resonates 💯. I’m a Libra . Cross watching. You are so accurate! Thank You! I’d love to comeback to tell you he came back❤️I feel he is my soulmate. How can this be so accurate and not true? It must be! I will be a loyal follower of your channel 🙂
    I am calling for him to realize we are meant to be!

  8. Myia Hinton

    This reading is very accurate. We both have children and also he is an Leo.

  9. Its Tracy

    That was amazing to watch and listen to. I am the cancer. I am truly confused with my Life

  10. TheRealNikRichh

    yes i’m rejecting my ex taurus he’s so stuck in his ways toxic and wants his way but doesn’t want the commitment and i’m over it

  11. Mac B

    Cancer ( me) Pieces ( Him). Reading Spot on.!!! He's been blocked going on 3 months. If he wants this DF he's going to have to come to my Front Door with his Total Heart in his hands, Complete truth flowing from his lips, Communicate in total Truth for I know when lies are spoken and where there is deceptive behavior-

  12. saritta al

    I walked away from my capricorn who didn't want to commit and is moving in a snail pace. He preferred to let me go than having a stronger relation with me after 8 months of dating. Such a waste of time!

  13. Aisha Carter

    I am amazed at the accuracy of this reading! Thank you!

  14. Annette Williams

    I love your pretty Top and you are a Beautiful Lady all so and I say again I tried saying so much to the Sagittarius my X and he don't too much say anything back he blocked my number but I have other ways of getting around to try to talk to him but he will not answer to my call so I just leave a message on the home phone and stead of the cell phone it's not me it's him not speaking his words to me he is the one that's holding that not me I am there waiting and I'm not going to give up I love him I am a Cancer and he is a Sagittarius

  15. Annette Williams

    a beautiful lady I am here in Atlanta Georgia I am a Cancer my ex boyfriend is a Sagittarius we broke up this year in June I love him and I miss him and I want my man back no weapon formed against me shall prosper he been seeing another woman but she might as well to move on out the way because God gave him to me and I will get him back by the grace of God and I love your reading it's all me thank you love you

  16. Shani_Harley Berrebi

    sooooooo RIGHT! love your readings!

  17. Jamie chao

    Nobody rejecting me or got my rejection. I did rejected one scropio to be my fd once on May becoz his in and out energy and wasn't even feel like a fd. Then I apologized, but there is no communication. We never met. And that's it. Nobody chasing me. Just some old person who I don't remember that keep hoping up in my life. my ex, my coworker didn't speak for yrs, so frustrated

  18. hunter

    you're beautiful… as always. thank you mama… enjoy this beautiful day. thank you for sharing all of your beautiful blessings… wise beautiful heart. all is full of love~ ❤️✨🌻

  19. A 702 B HOOD

    So much pain😥😥🥺🥺

  20. A 702 B HOOD

    I new it he just want to play

  21. A 702 B HOOD

    It’s never work😥😥😥

  22. A 702 B HOOD

    Niggas stay playing smh😓😓😓🥺🥺

  23. A 702 B HOOD

    Yah he need to wait

  24. A 702 B HOOD

    No communication what so ever

  25. A 702 B HOOD

    You made me cry cause cancer don’t love me I’m an Aquarius

  26. A 702 B HOOD

    He stay playing 😥😥😥

  27. Catherine Fleming

    I don't have children so it's not me .

  28. Sandra Lee Ashie

    Nailed it on the head with this reading!

  29. Catherine Fleming

    Thus is not the same guy because the cards were of a different colour. Abd he was an Air sign .thats all I know, I'm ready to meet him if he wants me

  30. Catherine Fleming

    Cosmic Tarot : The last reading I received about 3 minutes ago was of simeine who is argumentive my ex was like this type which caused many rows heartbreak for me . This is the first time I've had a reading for a person .I dont know the guy, do I dudnt reject him, so I was told he was an Air sign is thus the same guy.?

  31. Sara Loru

    Wow I am been rejected by a Taurus man I am in tears listening to this. You are so on point when yo u said he calls me only when want sex.

  32. High Empress

    Rejected a Gemini for rejecting his Ace of Cups with me. I love him but I have a new beginning and I’m moving forward with or without him. But, he has to let go of his past and the 3rd party BS.

  33. Ginger Rogers

    Yes 💘 ,some parts are reversed

  34. Marina Paull

    3 years?.

  35. Marina Paull

    cut off bs feminine woman

  36. Marina Paull

    yes reason kids mind games stalking knocking property excuse late perthetic thanks

  37. Natasha Sophia Merissa

    I rejected a taurus love. He’s everything ive ever dream of but he hurt me so badly so i have to let him go </3

  38. Jaine Chapman

    He shattered my heart the lying cheating narcissist alcoholic
    I walked away after 14 yrs of me putting everything into it…
    He got his wish seeing the other woman i will never go back an i will make sure i don't go back again for the 3rd time….He's a Sagittarius
    My time is done he can get on with it
    So now ive connected with a guy that I've fancied for 25 yrs but hes pulling away..
    Im confused as i thought we were cool
    So not going to rush it
    The communication isn't great over the phone etc but when we go out hes fine
    I hope he opens up with me more
    He knows im here…
    Im ready for him

  39. Zelma du Preez

    Thank you so much – True  – from Zelma

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