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  1. Lilin Laga

    Missed ya xxoo

  2. Buzzard061

    I'm sorry for your cat, God bless you and thank you for your readings 🙏

  3. Shannon Harkenreader-ortiz

    IAM a cancer going throu a devorice.i really hope a fresh starts happens .he now having an affair .its so hard thanks for this reading

  4. A.M.L Xoxo

    Can you do Leo pls

  5. Sadiq Amjad

    Does cancer Venus count for this reading?

  6. Gama-Yushi Wasabi

    Wow the funny part is that your actually explaining what the cancer is doing to me as a Taurus😂😂

  7. Mansa Patricia

    1000% Resonated💙💜💚

  8. D.J forte

    This scenario is my ex-boyfriend…..(i dumped in April) I would never take him back b/c he was a BUM. he drank and smoked every day.

  9. Henry Cazares

    Right now I’m going thru a lot of shit with my life . I don’t want to deal with her or anything else for a very long time just want to stay to myself.

  10. Empathic Awakened Cancerian


  11. Empathic Awakened Cancerian


  12. Empathic Awakened Cancerian


  13. Lucitha Mitchell

    It is forbidden. No more. He is died to me now I don't Love him anymore. Never again

  14. cjmac661

    This is my adult Aries son. We have been in separation for 2 years now. So manipulative and immature. I don't think I have it in me too bring him back into my life. So much drama. He is bi polar and has depression. Spot on reading.

  15. Earth Mum

    thank you so much that’s good news. in separation at this time🙁. and ♥️twinkles xo

  16. Nikki Bolwin

    Woa! I'm a Sagittarius and my partner of many years and father of my child is a Cancer. I decided to listen to both our readings, 1st time ever mind you. And the amount of syncronicity between those readings was uncanny. Legit I showed up Ms. Irratic fire sign. I am depressed and have been struggling bad with PTSD from a car accident. Which has put a strain on us. Both our recent pasts was accurate we have been fighting a lot. He I know feels exactly as you said. He wants and tries so hard to keep me happy and he feels he is failing because I'm not but he doesnt nor myself understand what this has done to me. Between my reading and this one to hear there is positivity and good changes coming gives me hope. Honestly where I am at moment. I want to be better want to work on getting through this. We have been together since 17/18 and you aremt first to mention soul mates. Our relationship has had many highs and lows over course of few years. Weve grown still are. Thank you for your readings just wanted to let you know some affirmations about how close this one was. Wasnt expecting for Sag and Cancer to be so spot on. I wanted to learn more about his but having so much of me in there let me know how worried he has been too bit trying to keep it together. Well now I'm crying but thank you for what you do and sharing your gifts. One of the few readers I do trust other than myself and some close friends.

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