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  1. Utp Ach

    Thankyou. Can you please point yo the card when you are doing the reading? Thx

  2. Bliss ful

    You are so on❤️

  3. Lori Whitbord

    Very accurate and helpful.

  4. Patricia DeAnda

    Very accurate reading.

  5. Andrea Hobkirk

    Great reading! Just met someone so wonderful and kind two weeks ago. It’s like the perfect love story. We are both excited but quiet about it. It’s quite refreshing. I will keep you posted❤️

  6. LM5hassnatchedme already

    Omg this is so accurate it made me scared.

  7. Amanda Jefferson

    It's so weird how sometimes the reading just fits with your own personal situation so well!!

  8. TaliWho9


  9. Positive Piyush

    Waiting for Virgo ♍

  10. kathleen p

    Wow. Great read.

  11. Lili Enman

    Ty i always look forward to all ur videos. Sending love and light to u and all ur subs and viewers..xo

  12. Audrey Nova

    Great reading thank you!!

  13. Marc Johns

    As always, spot on! Thank you…enjoy your sweet messages! 😘

  14. Breona Wagner

    Crosswatcher,I feel like I'm the love connection that he's keeping quite about … my ♊ video by you explained his role in this as well….

  15. Elizabeth Butler

    Oh my goodness, you are so accurate! I've been paid 600 pa less than my salary, I haven't followed up on the final bit because I was off sick, but It will do on 2.9.19

  16. The Romeo of Poets

    Yup. This is about my Virgo baby.

  17. Wendy Kennedy

    Another great reading. Right on track.

  18. Carmelita Coto

    I'm making changes in all areas of my life 😍😊most of it resonates ❣️ thank you so much! I made new guy friend through another friend of mine but we haven't met in person yet, he's much younger. I had put dating off for long time! Overall I'm happy as a can be, focused on me, blessings to all Cancer's!

  19. David Robinson

    Non of these ever resonate, I have been single for 4 years. And life does not move. And nothing really matters because nothing is real anyway.

  20. Kirsty Graham

    Most of the reading resonates with me

  21. Amy fromcali

    Thank you 🙏🏼💓✨

  22. mitsy blue


  23. Katy lovewaterfall

    excatly a good reading. yes I realized I moved on from an ex. the workplace, there were a lot happened so, yesturday was my last day of work. I am so pleased to go forward what I need to do, i know someone at work but that is ok. I have a new job waiting. I am single. I am not sure about it. I am just careful and ready for a new relationship. I need more healing to do. yes I just take my time. thank you. 🙂 light and blessings

  24. Elizabeth Jackson

    Thank you for the excellent guidance, as always, much love 😊💕❤️😍😘🌺🌸

  25. Gena Santalucia

    Moving forward, thank you!

  26. Tarot by The Intuitive Tea Cup

    Thanks Ace! Crushing it as always 😉

  27. Olga Novikova

    Amazing reading!! Thank you!

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