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    your so on point cancer female dealing with Gemini male and we have been separated since the 1st of September and he is already in another relationship i miss him and im just hurt by how he has done me after 4 1/2 years i never cheated or did him wrong and he has lied cheated etc i thought we were passed all this but as soon as he moved out he moved in with someone else which is is being secretive about im so confused i want closure answers

  2. Lila Porter

    Oof …. one of the most accurate readings ever… I'm a cancer rising n this just hit 🙌🙌

  3. Amy Blanco

    My now ex is incarcerated..cancer. im Gemini

  4. Deborah TruthSeeker

    His ex wife is a narcissist, and I pray he gets over her because I am the Pisces woman who is in LOVE with the Cancerian man who still loves his ex wife. Plus, he is an alcoholic. What a hot mess!!!

  5. Maria Martinez

    Love your readings and the calmness in your voice This reading was so on point I'm a. Cancer female who walked away from a Capricorn male 2 1/2 yes. never went any where it was time for me to go I know he misses me and loves me even stalks me but he didn't want to commit

  6. Evelyn Rivers

    🙋🙏to u and ur family when are u coming to the Orlando Florida area

  7. Esha Mac Tv

    it’s scary how much this resonates! thank you so much.

  8. ConstantCashFlow Linton


  9. Iteasia Morsby

    Cancer Resonated in all aspects!!!

  10. Cinderella 290

    I finally found a reading that resonates thank you so much<3
    Do you also know what does it mean when i keep seeing this guy's name every second it's been a while and sometimes it stops and then it happens again :/

  11. mitsy blue

    THANK you I appreciate you 🙏🙏🙏

  12. mary love

    Thanks Angela for your time ! Good reading 🤗

  13. adorableone1995

    This reading was 100% mine

  14. dazeone100

    thank you for reading 😐

  15. LV7095 LV

    I liked the video straight from the title. Great video.

  16. Michelle Jackson

    You are so correct. You an inspiration 😍🙏

  17. Julie Harding

    Right on Soul Sis love you and your readings 😘🙏🌻

  18. Adam Thirdbourne

    Shuffling is louder than your voice. Just saying

  19. Ray Brown

    Good reading, well see if capricorn woman realizes what she got?? Meantime this cancer man moving forward working on my goals.😊

  20. I AM Champion Carl DeGennaro

    Thank You just subscribed Love to you and your Channel and everyone

  21. Melody Pettit


  22. Sameer Sameer

    Very true gone through the same thing whatever been told hopefully everything going to be fine but I am negative most of the time

  23. Valéria Machado

    Thanks for the audio. Good reading as always. Much better. 🙏🙌🙏

  24. Suzy x

    Ty. Of course there is still love 🥰

  25. Love June

    Some parts are definitely my story. Thank you for a hopeful lovely reading. I’m open to the reconciliation, he has to come to me tho. 💖✨

  26. realwitcha1

    I claim this Divine message inside of me. Thank you,

  27. thisisme thisisme

    Things I know I have…tenacity and resiliency ❤I cut my cancer off till he can let go of the 3rd party. I will not be with him till hes single. Hurt like hell to find out and separate, but I wont do that, not fair to me or her🤷‍♀️I want to make a move to put my art for sale on a pinterest page not sure how to go about it, but I will figure this out. Thank you love your gentle voice and beautiful message. Love you💕

  28. realwitcha1

    I am In my DF-Power mode. He knows I’ll see 👀 thru those lies/deceit. So I chose to Move forward and be Happy with Self. Letting Divine Source do the Impossible. Thank you,

  29. Titania Salazar

    I wanted to say i have never felt so connected to this reading in a while..though my thoughts differ on some of the events you named. The scenario i want to believe is exactly what im thinking n feeling of what u mentioned. Thank you for that validation to being more in my mind to understanding more of myself. Thank you

  30. Baksho Dhadda

    I love my aqua Scorpio rising,me cancer Leo rising Pisces cusp, yes there was a third party,time has passed I have forgiven him,so I can heal, and I missed him everyday, so I left it in the divine hands,beautiful reading thankyou

  31. Rebecca Austin

    This is my love story ,spot on readingxxx

  32. aquarius 2018

    Can aquarius be next please ❤️

  33. paula williams

    I am a Cancer-Leo cusper.

  34. Ni Made Widalyathi

    Right reading to the core I’m happy to move on now and stay single no more game I’m done 👎👎👎👋👋👋

  35. All things singing

    Brilliant! Thank you so much for your on-point insight.

  36. Miss Tie

    When you said age different , capricon , addiction , third party and his thought about me being ' over reacting ' boom !!! Your reading was resonates ! Thank you maam .

  37. J Cox

    I screamed on the outside when you said Cancer Leo Cusp!! That’s me!! 7/21.
    Great reading!! “For entertainment purposes only” but you never know lol

  38. FloW XoXo

    Am confuse

  39. FloW XoXo

    Thank you

  40. Julie Tigermoon


  41. Tesh Hemopo

    Thank you I’m a cancer. I’m trying to get a job and move. I’m dealing with a Gemini he lives at a distance. He is locked up and I’m going to see him on November. He was married and I didn’t know. He said they weren’t together. But I don’t know. Spot on. Thank you 🙏🏽

  42. Janet Gallacher

    Leo broke my heart. But we are in speaking terms I'm going with the flow and putting my faith in god. I've went bk to college thanks for the reading x

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