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  1. Hello Tarot!

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  2. Moana Chadwick

    Thank you so much HT
    This reading has resonated💯with my current situation with a Leo male

  3. Robsta92

    I strongly want someone from my past back. Do not want to move on, she didn't break my heart, she just ghosted, but it may or may not have had anything to do with me. We had very good chemistry.

    Want them back: Yes

    Put up with being ghosted/no communication: No

    Depends on the reason/their intent.

  4. mark rotella

    Ohhhh Ashley… this is a very serious reading, if you have been reading your comments, you know I have been watching your readings for a long time. This 'person' coming back to my Twin, is going to cause a huge, pivotal.. and probably a strong 'Tower' moment… this 'person' (sag/cap) that has been in her life, and has been very abusive… mentally, emotionally & physically. I don't know, how hard he is going to try to resurrect, what he has already destroyed. She's pretty much, on her own. Long distance 'situationships' do have their downfalls… (I wish I could be closer) When it will all take place? who knows……. my concerns? (how do you quench the 'hurt' of concern, and missing them so much?) and not being able do anything about it. All the whole time, being 'detached' because she has to learn it on her own. I don't wish a TF journey on anyone… I will be praying, really praying to God, for His intervention, for His angels for protection…. and my un-conditional Love. You, and your astute insights, your awesome intuitions and quiet, sweet playful nature that you have… will always be in my fondness memories (darn! I wish I had emojis..LOL 😉 😉 Many blessings & wishes too! But… I'm great, moving slowly, but surely..heheehee, staying positive, deflecting ALL negativity, working on some awesome projects! (my mission!) Having Trust & Faith for Divine timing!!! Love & Light… mark (*) p.s. ohhhhh, don't you worry… I'm still watchin'… it ain't over yet!!

  5. anartsil63

    I'm determined and probably will leave him talking alone. I'm moving on and don't want toxic people around. Grateful for the reading💜💜💜

  6. sergio almeida

    Thank you for the reading 🙏😊

  7. Audrey Nova

    Thank you 🍁 🎃

  8. Marcy L.

    No past toxic people!!
    Moved on

  9. Suzy x

    If he doesn't talk to me till January. Will welcome him with open arms and with love, because that is me. But as to my availability , that would be a question, if left unresolved. Because my love is unconditional, but he would not leave me hanging that long without contact and resolution, if he truly cared about me. That is not the man I know and love.

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