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  1. Charlene

    😂😂😂when you kept saying well son of a b****! 😂😂😂 #liked

  2. Akanksha K

    I just hope no one from past is there 🧘🏽‍♀️🙌🏽

  3. imperfectly perfect

  4. Cindy

    Beautiful Reading❤

  5. Maya Turner

    Girl you are on point with this one💛

  6. chasidyprude

    Cancer sun Capricorn moon Libra rising!!!

  7. Ben G. Ramirez

    the person from the past that you speak of is my childhood crush (a Virgo girl) who i havent seen in 25yrs, i met her when we were 11-12 yrs old….. i found & messaged her 3-4 months ago and didnt get a reply, (she is emotionally blocked from me) although I told her how i felt about her..she is being unfair to me…she is beautiful, i feel soulmate connection with her

  8. Laura Morales

    WOW! Beautiful reading! Waiting on my Leo soulmate! Thank you so much!
    🙌🤴🏻👸🏼❤️♋️ & ♌️

  9. Traci Renee _7ldytrace

    Yessss let be so! Cancer female. Thanks Jen!!!

  10. Moniques Art and Stuff

    Time to heal my past, my codependency, my love, and heal myself! No pressure not getting my hopes up but i want to grow into a better me! So i will be open minded, open heart, and peace of mind!



  12. WhatwouldPICARDdo Makeitso

    Thank you. Wow.the knowing I've had for years you have just shown my life with beautiful cards and interpretation.thank you ,spirit and the Divine.💛✨❤️💐💋

  13. Nika B

    Yes I’m healing, letting go, focusing on myself and desires . Lol I finally decided to get out and flirt 🤣👍🏾.Now I’m getting to know someone that matches my energy🥰☀️, wants marriage, kids etc.That person I walked away from is still trying to come to me with his baggage. I’m not interested ! My silence towards him is killing him . Once I’m done . I’m Done ! Ppl have to understand that about cancers lol

  14. Miss Davids

    your nails!!! so pretty.

  15. Nedra Mitchell

    It's time to heal and forgive there are no perfect ppl in the world everyone makes mistakes but u also learn from them too

  16. Wendi Watson

    Yesss! Divorcing my husband of 32 yrs who is a narcissist! Working on myself now! Praying for my soulmate. 🙌🏼

  17. whyme6911

    Thank you!!

  18. Serita Swinton


  19. Petriina L.

    Thank you😀❤

  20. Rebecca Sussman

    Yep I’m going in with faith and no more fear .. I heard from my high school friend who I was afraid to speak up to about my feelings back then.. we both never spoke up and since End of June we have been talking every day .. both been through past toxic marriages and I swear he is everything I have ever prayed for. Only time will tell.. but I don’t believe in coincidences or accidents.. everything happen for a reason and I’ve learned the Universe doesn’t make mistakes

  21. Magdalena Null

    I m feeling this let’s hope 6 of cups is not my ex coming back for sex and leaving again. He moved to Alaska from Texas so I’m not sure where else he can fly again. Yes I love my flight ✈️ boy 👨‍✈️. I love him soo much. Love & Light 🙏💕

  22. Regular NCT127

    Thank you very much! Very helpful ❤💚

  23. C B

    Thank you Jennifer😊. I am a Cancer Sun, Libra-Moon, Leo Rising.

  24. Rise Anshine

    oh my… lot of son of a bitches, i cried a lot this night. :DD thank you for the reading <3

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