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  1. Maldives Baby

    That's me King Capricornus. "Cold" one. That's my Cancer is definitely King of Swords on the outside, King of Cups on the inside. I'm definitely stoic.

  2. random person

    Wow your readings are always sooo accurate 😮🤔

    Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Tarrick Gan


  4. Roxanne Agustin

    Hahahaha Taurus… (I’m a cancer).

  5. Lovely Looking

    Watching d9 – venus –

  6. guarded heart

    Cross watcher and it resonates. I am guarded but he stopped reaching out to me.

  7. Relax Paint Sleep

    That's called an earth sign 😂 A Cap cross watching here LOL

  8. AIRtuition READINGS

    You are very intuitive Sal! I love how you don't keep shuffling till cards flip out. It seems more destined to pick a card and it be the right card. ❤️

  9. MegadethsGirl

    I'm the cold, guarded one and I'm cancer sign.

  10. Anamika Parmar

    Let ego win coz i don't want his love nomore

  11. Darya R

    You are super 💕🙏🏼💕 How true your cards told our situation now…
    I really don't know what happened with this connection 😲 I haven't done anything wrong… But I am relieved when you said in the end that " It is not over…". Maybe he just need time to think his feelings. Oh my God, I hope that he writes me soon 🤲🏼💗
    Million thanks to you dear Sal 🌸🙏🏼🌸

  12. Free Your Dream Project

    That’s called an earth sign!!! The shade!!! Honey dem Libra’s be hiding too!!!!

  13. Free Your Dream Project

    Jajajajaja too soft I’m a damn soft shell crabby shack

  14. Queen She-Ra

    On point ❤️

  15. Ayahea Richards

    I don't think my ex will be coming back now. I've completely messed up. I had manifested him to come to me he did. Then with confusion I think I went ott. And messed up he's now in hiding. Not answering his phone or text messages. Like he's dropped off the earth

  16. Sahgaandeyoh Shenandoah

    Sal, I love the song in the beginning. It gives me goosebumps ❤❤❤

  17. Sahgaandeyoh Shenandoah

    I'm still trying to learn my chart.. born July 12


    JUST WOW.. totally resonated.. I’ve mentioned the ego dying.. just the whole thing. I watched his as well, 100% lined up as well

  19. Linda Martinez

    Your amazing I feel like you read my life I bought your extended reading amazing I needed this ❤️everything was accurate

  20. Anastasia Sirbu

    You have a crab 😂😂

  21. Ellis Campbell

    444 like well hello universe i see you 💖 I hope everyone claims the all the blessings God already has planned for you Salvation is free 💖👑🔥 carry on

  22. jenielyn baillo

    Omg 😲

  23. Masaliwalli

    Watching from D9 Navamsa ascendant. Resonates very strongly. Not speaking to each other. I know that he lied about his feelings. Self sabotaged.

  24. Deepika Rathore

    No. No fights no please

  25. Ayshea Richards

    my ex hes distant . he comes full force on the phone 2 days ago. now ignoring me . hes aqur

  26. Helen J. Goh

    Jaja… "crabs!" thank you. Starting to sound confusing to a Cancer, me. Jajaja… Thank you for the read. 🌹

  27. Yesenia Yanez

    Moon in Cancer here. I walked away from a Sun Gemini, He didn’t see my worth so I had to do what’s right for me. I love him but he doesn’t message me

  28. Cristina Aidoo

    I never comment……but……hopefully you don't have crabs 🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. Langa Rozalica

    Sal…I send to much Love and Light from Romania ( Country of Dracula ). King of Swords can be a Lower ??? I am in divorce, but in love with Leo Lower. Thank you.

  30. Jadyn Winters

    D9 im gemini sun, scorp moon and rising, venus cancer but for the other kind im cancer sun saggie, scorp rising and leo venus so my cancer and scorpio definitely fit ill need to check gemini

  31. leticia perez

    Spot on as usual Thank you

  32. J J

    Venus in cancer in d9 chart and this does resonate

  33. Mariv Bruza

    Saddest birthday today still never get the chance to be happy again the way I was before I'm struggling my depression until now I'm so tired of everything I'm tired of my life..

  34. Linda B

    On point!!! Thanks!!!!

  35. Kecis Jones

    Thank you 😊 Mr. Sal God bless you

  36. Light Worker

    I give up 🤷🏾‍♀️ my scorpio soul husband is inlove with himself. I'm trying to learn to love myself as much as he loves him. Tho I'm not sure it is possible. 🤦🏾‍♀️

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