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  2. Audrey Monroe

    This is spot on … wow 😩

  3. Miss Cc

    On point dealing with a Libra im tired.

  4. Afrinrumki Student

    where is the cancer prediction of october 1-7?

  5. Snoopy Dos

    Are you a filipino?

  6. Priya Debbarma

    Virgo crosswatcher here.. moving from the cancerian life it’s too much difficult to move on and walk away but this time I wont turn back it really hurts being cheated . Cancerian were the toxic person of my life I wish not to fall in love with any cancer man in future

  7. Christal Morgan

    Time stamp me please

  8. Jean Tagarro

    Cross watcher Libra. I've watch Libra and Libra got cancerian card which has the same card that cancerian had with libra energy card. It resonates so much sal,we have so much argue and most of the time my cancerian we don't understand each other,but I realized his worth when he block me. Still hoping that he comes back.😔😔😔 And now while waiting for him to make his mind I'm doing and focusing on fixing myself and my life.😏

  9. breeze rideout

    cancer w/ taurus moon dealt with aquarius woman w/gemini moon she can go fuck herself

  10. Alexandra Deac

    No more fire signs pleaseeeee they put me out and the only thing left is steam 😡

  11. Diane Horsman

    6:11 begin read
    Thank U Sal

  12. LeAnn Applegate

    Hi Sal! Your on point! That resonated with me! Thank you for your time and energy! Love you! ♥️Love and light! Namaste 💜 💜🤠

  13. Anna chen chen Lauw

    no need fix! lets go bye bye

  14. Anna chen chen Lauw

    yes let go , he is toxic

  15. Paige Walker

    Cancer dating cancer

  16. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    Me and my capricorn pump heads we are not in sync 😏let me and my kids leave 🙏🙏let God and the universe intervene please lol sal🤗

  17. Young Reborn Mommys with Abby and Emily

    I want closure, it's a fake relationship ugh lord and the universe please intervene 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏thank you sal♥️

  18. Nicole Jennings

    I'm not sorry. I just don't like you & I'm leaving your ass.
    Xoxo Scorpio

  19. Sallie Mae

    Taurean cross watcher.I will never stop praying for my CANCERIAN friend for his happiness well being and success.Sometimes I pray for him first before i pray for myself.He is highly gifted.The one that God put on my path of Redemption.The one who taught me the power of meditation.I could be his friend,his sister,his mom and so much more.I am happy to see his handsome face on instagram.I truly pray and wish for the best of this person in all aspect of his life.Thank you SAL.

  20. Rabia Khan

    I gave up! as you said done.

  21. anna M

    Thank you for advice. Needed that message.

  22. nadeznuts

    I'm not leaving. I'm not just doing things. I'm just done reaching out because it is so tiring. I'm doing my 'me time' now.

  23. Queen 444

    I'm a crosswatcher & I'm the one who walked away!!! The Cancerian was too hard to read he was too WISHY WASHY & too hot & cold!!!🙄

  24. Yesenia Yanez

    cancer moon

  25. Yesha Shah

    This is exactly what I feel… Crosswatcher.. M libra sun.. Saw libra reading.. Almost resonated both of them… He is cancer sun(vedic) and he blocked me… Now m exhausted….may be a karmic mate….may be I deserve better… Ty

  26. Miss Music

    Good riddens … He needs to be gone and stay gone this time.

  27. art angel

    I am the crosswatcher. I am the Seven of wands ! And Seven of wands WAS cooperative ! I became uncooperative because the cancer rising is a player ! He won't commit ! So my "demands" are that he be faithful to me and not be community dick . Sal, that's not demands.. That's called self worth ..🙄

  28. Enlightened Soul

    Yes, I'm the one fixing my life.

  29. Pu Li

    I’m a cross watcher that’s a Sagittarius and this resonates

  30. Suzy x

    Yes, which does not make you feel the love. ♥️ don't let go.😕

  31. Senorajae

    It’s been a tough year for cancerian but we are now coming back into our power. I’d rather new energy that old promising energies that hurt me but now want a 2nd chance. No sir I DONT EVEN NEED CLOSURE. I’m good sir

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