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  1. Janet Ell

    🦀 here just minding my own buisness..with lessons well n truely learned!! n mooving on with my life..no one elses. Im trying to moov aswell. Thats apart from My past x that was over 9 months ago..6 x yrs multi3rd+ptys
    & mindgames🎡🎠💥💣 a total player's player with way too many diff opptions 💔! His x was a fire sign? Her being just as 2🎭faced 🎭as him! So now it makes me wonder what more😈💩💩💩 have i got coming? Well bring it on sunshine😂😅🤗🙃🙃🙃coz I def aint frightened of you!!.. or ya fckn army!..you can stay on your sick n demented merrygoroundgames!
    For as long as you like..n with my blessings☺🤗🙃👌👍🎯🤗🙃☺
    just get on with your own sad n soory sick n twisted demented lives….. I AM.
    Blessings to you for your readings & warnings.. ⚘💫😇💫⚘😘

  2. Mark Sposito

    I have been living the lies that have been bestowed upon my life. My children have been lied to about me. My siblings are probably trying to cut me out of my inheritance. My ex wife is also at play. My own personal evil drama. It really feels like a helpless situation. Thanks for the reading.

  3. Keyana Coach

    Because leo is an absolute narcissistic person. He tried so many things to bring me down
    I finally spoke up after 4yrs
    abuse. He does wrong then play the blame game. He needs to get out my life. My hair has fell out and all. I will not be a slave to his illusions like i told and i be damn if i let my children suffer. Breaking generational curses/cycle

  4. Diane Matlock

    Thank You…for the warning… Yes…
    NARCISSISTS…they're already ✂,
    Snip, snip…pappa john action???
    Rage…torment…false pretenses…
    Me…Gaslighting…illusions…Delusional…solo…Triangulations…Welcome to my world…

  5. Purple Reighn's

    Scenario 1: libra, leo, capricorn , aries, and sagittarius. My mother made me power of attorney as she didn't trust the above listed.
    Scenario 2: sagittarius….trying to steal business concept. It's far too complicated for him to explain to anyone.

  6. My NewPhone

    Attack!! I am prepared! They will be defeated and pulverized into mince meat. Then sold on through planned parenting to the hamburger joints. Dont fuck with me okay lol

  7. Jade Grey

    What in the Mob Wives in going on 😳

  8. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    No I don't

  9. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    I don't fucking care

  10. Empathic Awakened Cancerian81

    Fire and air signs can fuck off and leave me the fuck alone nothing but toxic bullshit

  11. white Lodge Tarot

    I love your readings. Its like watching soap opera's!💗

  12. Dana Wilson

    Yea im cancer ik who its is gemeni and leo likes to hurt me

  13. Short&Sassy CancerianQueen

    Resonates…..selfish people out there smh

  14. Hunting Sacred-Foods

    U read for aliens play.

  15. Sacred Identity

    Yup I got fired.
    I really hope this cycle ends soon.
    You know how a person can fall and jump right back up and yell, “I’m ok”? Well that’s been happening for months. Lol.

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