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  1. Мария Левченко

    Thank you😊

  2. Denise Higgins

    Spot on! Except I truly am the person on the right.

  3. Beck Clayton

    Love this. I'm a cancer he's aries❤🙌❤🙌

  4. Arnab Sen

    Wow it completely resonates me u r spot on😁

  5. realwitcha1

    I receive and claim this Divine message inside of me now. Thank you,

  6. chitra wickram

    Thank you very much for the excellent and accurate reading.It was like a personal reading.I am dealing with an Aries.He is trying to get the divorce through before I go home end of the month.It is a long distance relationship.

  7. Loni Vi


  8. Julie Tigermoon


  9. Victoria Liu


  10. Jo FGL

    Please please, read that “both” ways, cancer can be watching and it can be THEM doing the mess! Thanks!

  11. Awakened LoveandLight

    So on point. Watched Aries too for my counterpart and on point too. Great reads💯

  12. Wise Heart

    Signed or not, is O-V-E-R.
    Is over because I can only take so much; and I gave WAY more opportunities than they honestly deserved. So, NO. I wish him well, but I have taken another path. My integrity, dignity, and self respect must be upheld.

  13. Audrey Leia

    YOU are amazing !
    Thank you so much for the clarity, really needed some light.🤗😉

  14. Rachel Salgado

    This is crazy how spot on this is 🥀❣️

  15. Just_Peachy 32

    When you cross watch what is the best was to put things into place ?

  16. Rebecca S

    Your ability to create a story with each reading is so inspiring. What a gift you have. Keep up the good work. 😇

  17. Suzy x


  18. Boss Mama

    Beautiful reading! Resonated with my love situation! Thank you for the clarity. Sending love and light to you! 🍁♋

  19. Helen J. Goh

    Thank u🌹Hope things get better.

  20. Marco Dorado

    I hope this is the energy of my cancer ex …she had so much pride n ego

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