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  1. Lucimar Teixeira

    Yesssss !! We complete each other Cancer here and Libra!!! Amazing connection!! Thank you 🙏 👏👏❤️

  2. Kathleen McCallum

    The lies and gossip in my situation started from lying DM himself to smokescreen his lies.

  3. ButterCup Jones

    Even at a low vibration, I don't give a damn what anyone has to say….never did, never will 😂
    That's why they're always mad.
    Also, Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs and work well together.

  4. N H

    I am a Cancer. He is my twin flame, he is in a relationship with a Karmic.

  5. Lee Ann Landers

    I like ur hair girl

  6. Edela 3251


  7. Wendy Holden

    This has just happened to me one family member lying and turning my family against me unfortunately they believe them ,not much I can do with that other than speak the truth ,and all of this just confirmed what I knew.brilliant reading spot on ❤️

  8. Maria Cefaro

    💯 I'm done dealing with Low Ass Vibrational people.. Straight up… done…funny you mention …. I'm SMILING ALL THE WAY… DROPPED A LOAD… and feeling lighter… Hahahaha

  9. Amber C

    So I’m not in a romance, but when you brought out the King of Wands and King of Cups, I was like… that’s me!! “You bring the ideas and they nurture them” YES that’s what I’ve been doing 💜

  10. Neblina turva e brilhante

    The gossip here is on the neighbourhood… The houses here are very close to one another. My mother is a cancer with gemini rising, and I'm a gemini with cancer rising, people are talking about both of us but especially about me. That throat chakra blockage in gemini video… I was holding back my tears, unlike her it's not easy for me not to care what they think of me.

  11. Bentley Sweet

    Don’t worry about offending people. If they’re offended, it’s their own fault 🙂

  12. J K

    Cancer rising here ……OMG. So on point. It’s a Gemini that is “after me” ….creates rumors … stalks me ….her jealousy is horrible …it’s business related. I was hurt at first. But now I feel sad for her. I’ve grounded myself and taken my power back. Thank you so much for the messages. 🙏🏻❤️✨

  13. Chelly Ma'at Ferggie

    You know what, you are always on point with me, however this one right here blew my mind. We are having our 30 years high school reunion and yes the committee had a meeting and my name came up about the guys I slept with and it got back to me. I and set their asses straight. Luv it!!!!

  14. Miss707Savage

    I was spilling all the tea yesterday with a smile on my face for sure lol

  15. K I

    Love you! You're so onpoint. You really prepare for these readings well

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  17. Just Almary

    I just did that this weekend at an event for the LGBTQ+ community. Called them out on their hypocrisy. For as much as the LGBTQ+ community preaches to the outside world…heterosexual world…cisgender world…whatever f'ing label you wanna attach to the outside world…to let us love who we love. Accept us for who we are. But yet, for some reason, we can't do that for each other within the LGBTQ+ community? Like why?!

  18. lovelyoreo

    Oh no I gave someone a bj ( might I add the first one) on my birthday (22) and I got invited to a party this weekend and omg I’m trying so hard not tobe pissed . Ily waterbaby 🥺❤️

  19. Iam Honey

    Accurate for me. I just found out my boyfriend family has been talking mess about me saying things that isn't true and even talking about him lol oh well who cares. If you not involved over here shut your mouth lol

  20. Monica Long

    You are so in tune with me or is it vice versa?? I love you!!!!! Will watch you forever as long as you are on here! Your energy and personality are so contagious 💕

  21. Fanny Arias


  22. Michelle Auten

    When I think of King of cups and king of wands, I think of Mike and Bucky. I think the duo is plotting. Lol. I hope nobody separated my boo and his brother. Those two and their antics always make me smile. 😝.

  23. Jitka Kenjova

    btw, i am water in this 😛

  24. Aje Douglas

    You are adorable 😍❤️

  25. Vision Princess

    Your always so on point im a gem cancer cusp

  26. Jitka Kenjova

    ppl always wanted me to fail out of their fears, no wonder i dont trust them and over years i developed lack of trust in myself … now i understand all the bullies in my life

  27. leilani montgomery

    ugh i freaking love you

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