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  1. Olive Skye

    10:01 really good advice all round. thanks 🙂 16:33

  2. Stephanie Esther Fam

    Yes, Ì know. we have a choice but what some people often forget is sometimes your external environment is a HUGE factor and the mental anguish is a lot harder than making the choice itself especially when you are a wheelchair user. Your readings always make me feel a little less alone. Thank you♡

  3. Elizabeth Avery

    Thank you

  4. Mackenzie Ransier

    THANK U 💕

  5. Danielle Valero

    Thank you. Amazing reading. Made so much sense to me. I've been going through a lot of negative things. It's been hard. I've been trying to be positive but it seems to be one thing after another to set me back.

  6. Dayanara Flores

    i fucking appreciate you more than you know!!!!!!

  7. alan rosen

    Thank you so much for this reading….this is the first time I have seen you and this reading was PHENOMENAL: described my situation to a CAPITAL “T”….I am going to have to listen to this again and again to absorb all the information provided so I can help get myself and family out of the limiting maze we wandered into……BLESSINGS!!!,

  8. wil fern

    A great miracle s about to happen in my life..

  9. In Dira

    Beautiful reading

  10. mitsy blue

    thank you so much

  11. Helen Casillas

    Enjoyed your reading for cancers. Im one of those that's having a hard time believing for this certain thing Im hoping for. I am retired and live on social security. But I also believe in my Heavenly Father that makes miracles happen. And there's where Im stuck. Everything you said in the reading Im all there. So thank you and God bless you. This has helped me alot. So I am subscriping.

  12. tsetan Lhazes

    Thank k you so much onyx healing.. today you gave me all the glimpse and awareness for March.. thank you so much 🙏☯☯☯.. I am working on myself so much Nd thinking bigger than mine Nd manifesting it. Love had been so hard to work on myself..

  13. Clarice White

    This is well deserved subscription! If your a Cancer and you didn't hit the subscribe button on this you crazy! #ThisChickIsDope….#YouJustGotANewSubscriber

  14. My NewPhone

    So pale. Thats gorgeous xxx

  15. Maria Scarano

    No clarity of mind …

  16. Maria Scarano

    It’s very difficult to celebrate in March when my husband wants us to move for the 4th time in the past 2 yrs.on top of it I’m living in a new state…I feel as I’m reliving the same feelings I had last summer..feelings of frustration and anger at my husband …husband thinks it’s normal to move again just to save money……very frustrating…..

  17. Nikki Thomson

    I me name s Nikki Thomson I like your pick card video ht s good to watching your YouTube video from Nikki Thomson xxx

  18. Cathleen Lucille Thomas

    Subscribed 🙏🌠💗🤝

  19. Heal By Veronica

    How do you do your intuitive counseling sessions?

  20. Ms Kitty

    Beautiful Reading 💛

    What is the name of the deck with the birds .. Thank You.

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