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  1. Anabiya Doll

    plzzz also inform what our lovers have feelings for us


    U are so cute!

  3. Zeenat Dsouza

    Your reading was spot on 👍

  4. Egla 7

    Amen amen amen ! God bless you my friend!!

  5. Therese Meggitt

    Let him go ….if I’m not a priority in a mans life then I’m out!!! Not sticking around!! Nope-thank you! Sun is our card Cancers we are caring, loving & happy! Lots of joy coming our way…👩🏼‍🌾❤️🐶 wonderful!!! 😊

  6. Mimi Little

    I want the 🌞 in my life again!

  7. Prerna Ramchandani

    Thank you so much. God bless

  8. Mamta Bisht

    I wish the predictions come true❤️🙏❤️🙏

  9. Lorna Fraser Waterworth


  10. Rebecca Austin

    Lovely reading ,thankyou xxx

  11. Banti Meena 9079881984

    I wish .May it come true…we all cancirians will be very thankfull to you ..dear Big Bro😍😍😘😘❤❤

  12. Vaneesh Devgan

    Nice reading sir

  13. Surbhi gupta

    Which signs are taken as base in this reading – birth month ?

  14. jabina khurshid


  15. Be YOU

    May your words come true for every Cancerian 💝

  16. Lucimar Teixeira

    Yessss and so be it. And so it is!! 🙏❤️🤸🏻‍♀️🌷🌇. Thank you 🙏🙏

  17. Divine Timing


  18. Aparna Kedari

    Nice reading sir…stay blessed

  19. Latest Fashion Box

    Ameeen.. N i wish May this reading come true soon… Plz ALLAH PAK G Help me n all sweet cancerians….

  20. content writer


  21. Sexy Hips don’t lie

    Thank you😘🥰

  22. Asma Shahid

    Long wait

  23. Afshan Jabeen

    Inshallah. Ameeen ❤️

  24. Sarah Thompson

    Because of you I can finally sleep You described what is needed absolutely downt to the tee thankyou talented big hearted man handsome too

  25. Sh

    When in January 😔
    Already 15 January
    i mean 10
    Waiting from Ten years

    No new no Old
    😥 Only Diseases

  26. Sinai Majumder

    Thank u Sir… After a long time got to hear this great reading of cancer people.. Hope all this come true very soon..

  27. Bondona Hazarika

    Sir! Thank u…A Great n a prosperous happy New year 2020…nice reading… hope for da Best…God bless you

  28. Xparkle Leo

    Ameen Ameen 🤩♥️

  29. N Keya714

    I always wait to see your reading in the beginning of every month. We will be happy if you do "What is their current energy" in the middle of the month. 🤗

  30. Zeb Aftab

    I Hope so alwz…
    Bt there is nothing going peace or even alive😢😢

  31. HADI Ndiaye

    Apologies accepted but I’m gonna have to let them go

  32. Antonia Shahan

    You always post very late about virgo

  33. Sanaullah rajpoot

    Thanks jawad bhai stay blessed

  34. Qaswar Abbas

    Sir reading me charm b use karen ………

  35. Qaswar Abbas

    Sir,plz urdu me reading karen plz

  36. Nadia Fatima


  37. Gail Hines

    I wish your readings were longer,, I can listen to you talk all night lol

  38. Swetha Y

    Same card plif 10 of penticles nine of cups in Aries also

  39. laila Alizadeh

    Thank you I hope 🤲🤲🤲🤲

  40. Andrew D

    Hope is a engagement coming

  41. ECW

    Married and getting a divorce

  42. Risha Sarkar

    In the month November the positive reading came positive in my life so strongly.. I wish in January also comes true..

  43. Wendy Lang

    Thank you very much. If you only knew how wonderful this is to hear! It's a simple confirmation of all my other readings!! Thank you!!❤ I always wait for your reading as the final verdict.

  44. Nuray Altintaser

    Oooo Laaa Laaa…

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