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  1. SSweet Sip

    I love your intro, readings style ❤️

  2. Theresa Grob

    We lots alot of people during dateing

  3. Theresa Grob

    Oh I have to let him no his mom had passed away and he don't talked to np one he needs to no his mom passed away

  4. Monik Monica


  5. Mistica rosy

    Hi.Good morning… 🌅

  6. Yesenia Yanez

    Cancer moon here… SAL!!! HE JUST MESSAGED ME RIGHT NOW!!! OMG! I havent talked to him in 3 weeks since I walked away.

  7. Moncory B

    Siri just gave you away the most disturbing song. There’s no hope to anything in this “connection” according to lyrics.

  8. Ayshea Richards

    3rd party situation he left me . and came back wanting friendship . i said no because he cant be doing this to me . i still love him and cant give him friendship . now its all blown up in the air as i thinks hes now gone . im giving up

  9. Sagittarius Moon

    Sal what is your star sign? Thank you for this.X

  10. christina tanner

    You are so wise Sal!!! xxxx

  11. Krollearnings

    Don't judge a tree by its Fruits..huh? Forget they beat you and abused you into the dirt…listen to your Heart? No thank you, but I would rather stay single over that kind of messed up puppy~!

  12. Meghan ta

    Love you Sal ♥️

  13. Cooking with Grace

    Yes!! Virgo ♍️ cross watcher
    I want to connect with my cancer ♋️
    Not urgent but there’s something
    I want to know where we are,
    And how we gonna go from here!!
    But my cancer ♋️ shutdown again
    My cancer ♋️ been hot and cold
    So now i really dont know what!!
    Seems less hope now

  14. pretty selected

    This guy works hard ❤ I'm sending him love and blessings. If only he knew 🥺😢😢

  15. Nadia Fatima

    God bless u sal tq for a lovely reading 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Dan Kim

    Yes. I’m Aqua cross-watcher and I just want to talk to my Cancer. No urgency, just need to connect with him.

  17. Haydee Toledo

    y are so resonating with me, Sal! love yah!

  18. Lucky Jessica

    Watched from D9 moon, and this is so spot on, I wanted to cry Sal. When u said “it’s ok to walk away” I walked away 2 days ago COLD TURKEY! CUT OFF! standing my ground this time for good, he doesn’t want to open up, then okay…

  19. razane khay

    Wow a dislike before even starting .. Well Who ever did that needs GOD.

  20. Neha

    July 26th .. It's my birthday ✨✨✨

  21. Letty_xoxo


  22. Letty_xoxo

    Is this going to be your new thing I don’t like waiting 😑

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