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  1. Adrienne P

    ❤️ this reading. Bring it on Saturn!

  2. shrinivas matcha

    Bro thankful for the reading it motivates me and just loving my self didn't know gemini could be two faced crap bro seriously I will reject her even if she kiss my feet,.

  3. smike digby

    And I am having edema. Thanks for the reading. I dreamed that I am wearing a star ring, this resonates.

  4. Marina Beam

    I needed a healthy kick in the arse

  5. Gwen Delighted

    What about your sun sign?

  6. Pushing Daises

    I'm cancer moon and cancer rising, very accurate for me Sal. Thank you 💛 getting my head down with my studies, focusing on myself and working on my goals. I can feel it and I'm focused ✨

  7. Janelle McCoy

    #eatreadlove #SalBiadora 💜

  8. alia ehsan

    I’m already surrounded by ugly challenges I’m already overburdened now what one more challenge ahh cancers are unlucky in love that’s the worst challenge they face their whole life God is their any moment in my entire life I can just take a breath for a second it’s been years like I didn’t take breath I didn’t give time to myself always for others. People are so mean to us. 😞😔☹️🥺

  9. Diashni Agnita Ramkishwar

    Capricorn today please😊😊😊😊

  10. JenNay TDot!

    fuck i love you! lol

  11. Fatima Shams

    Saving my family from evil

  12. Sayuri Yami

    Cancerian moon here. I am dealing with cancerian, and he is not really talking to me hahaha

  13. Lost World

    Is this for Cancerian sun????
    I m cancer sun,leo moon and libra rising..

  14. boredasf 0

    #eatreadlove #salbiadora ❤️💫

  15. V S

    Sal…. 2019 was hell..got manipulated, betrayed by husband, cried the whole year, broken heart… Hope 2020 will be kind to me…. Another challenge😑not now….I'm trying to get out of last year's wound… I'm healing… No more big challenges this year God…



  17. Beth Tipton

    Sallllllll!!!!!!! Stop!

  18. Carmelita Coto

    Spot on! Focused ok on other important things in life, not love❣️thank you Sal ♥️

  19. Miss.Dollie2089

    Not resonating with this

  20. Chrisitna Zaharis

    I dnt have family

  21. water baby

    Yeah I'm taking on 2 jobs I'm going to be overworked

  22. Shanell Burdis


  23. Mellygrace89

    So accurate. You're awesome 🙂

  24. victoria solopenkov

    Thank you 🙏 you so good 😊

  25. Marcella

    💫♥️#eatreadlove #salbiadora ♥️💫

  26. Josephine Tigno

    Where to sign up for the webinar for Jsn.11?:

  27. Ivetthe Bermudez

    Sun in Scorpio, Saturn in Aries🤔

  28. Amy Skylar

    Wow you are sooo good

  29. Jean adolar Monteroso

    it resonate his not talking to me

  30. Heather R

    I haven't laughed in a long time. Sad. Taking care of everyone and everything has taken a toll on me.

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