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  1. Captain Montrose

    Seems to me that this is about impending war. US is about to get its arse handed to it in Iraq. Pray for the troops

  2. Seraphim_Pheonix

    Cancer about to show muphafuckaz he about that life. Gunna cap dudes at the knees. Keep pushin karmic, ya'll about to feel your own intentions in action. #Tminus321 #ScorchedEarth #NuclearHolocaust

  3. realwitcha1

    Wow! 🤩

  4. sunshine flowers

    Miss me with all that shit..

  5. Candy Girl

    He is a narcissist!

  6. Jarlem Speaks!

    It's my DMs karmic… she's not letting go.

  7. Alysia Villanueva

    Pls tell me this shit is divinely orchestrated 🤣🤣😭🙏starting to think im the fkn karmic smfh can there be more than 1 karmic for the masculine if theyve done this to more than 1 relationship and keep jumping to the next?? So curious

  8. melahat erdogan

    You’re so funny 😂 today 1.35

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