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  1. mitsy blue

    THANK you

  2. Sandy

    Wow you totally read my thoughts. I am now in peace and moving forward. I love him but I now want something new in my life. I am no ones option. Thank you for your reading

  3. GNENE35


  4. Lupe Cameron

    Thank you for having a great talent…🏩

  5. Anil k george

    I am a Cancerian with libra totally devastated in my life but I am in love with a Taurian Lady she is elder than me but she is stuck somewhere can't take any move and we are in love for 1 year plus no contact for 100 days but she loves me so much she can't take any moves. Love your reading so much suggest me something

  6. Shannon Armstrong

    Thank you but I guess I'm going to have to move on THANKS FOR CLARITY

  7. Momma Ndong

    Thank you so much may God bless

  8. thisisme thisisme

    Thank you ❤🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯

  9. Milette Rodriguez

    Excellent reading GOD BLESS THANKS SO MUCH

  10. Rufina Ndumi

    Woooooooow this was powerful you nailed yes am at the edge of leaving him he's so toxic n full of secrets 🤔thank you very much for the information and I will be proud that I tried looking forward to another new life ☺

  11. Syed Mansoor

    love you my lady
    you look lovely can you be maine forever

  12. Katja Lampe

    God. Exactly right. 😮❤

  13. Heather Lynch

    Resonates with my situation. Thank you 💜

  14. Kiah K

    Right on point!

  15. Chris Jensen

    Absolutely right she's always so damn negative after 16yrs can't tolerate it anymore. The greatest negotiating stance u can hold is the stance that I'll walk!

  16. Leslie Ayres

    In this reading both people are fearful. No a workable situation. Do you have reading where there is victory at the end of the tunnel?

  17. longdarkhair68

    I want to say " thank you" for these readings! 🙂👍

  18. Thato Malebo

    Your gift is insane. I always look forward to your readings!

  19. hina mirza

    You picked energies from distance past… But quite accurate

  20. tylerreo

    Spot on as per. Totally what im going threw. Me cancer my ex gemini. Thank u as always ❤❤❤

  21. Petriina L.

    So accurate. Thank you❤

  22. anartsil63

    That's why I just blocked the ex and moved on almost a month ago.Grateful for the reading 💜💜💜

  23. Yesenia Garcia

    Youve perfectly described my relationship problem that I am currently having with my capricorn ex boyfriend. On and off again for the past 2/5 years & its always empty promises of change . I see he has a good heart but I am tired of the instability & I cannot with his negative/possessive energy . I am my own person . I see the relationship crystal clear yet I find myself second guessing our separation constantly since I feel we have a soul mate connection. I know we love each other but somehow it doesn’t seem to work.
    Thank you for your reading , I just have to stick to my decision. I know that regardless, the universe will deliver whatever is meant to be ✨💕

  24. Seven

    Love your blouse!!

  25. janellapy

    This is the first extended I’ve EVER purchased and wow was it worth it!!! That really was amazingly accurate! Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!💛

  26. G G

    You have described, to a tee, the man I divorced 7 years ago. I don't want him back, but for his sake and the sake of the family, I want him to take a look in the mirror and salvage what is left of his life.

  27. Suzy x

    👍ty I am focused on positive and positive solutions, there is always love.

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