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  1. Esan Abrams

    O.m.g.so true…reading

  2. betty magnusson


  3. matthew henderson

    Moon Aquarius ?

  4. Barbie Howard

    Thankyou Raven 👺👹👿👾👽💀🎃 Have a blessed week ♋💒🌈

  5. Grace Densing

    Thank you for the reading…waiting for our wish to be granted to have our union…

  6. Wendy Lang

    That is my wish!❤

  7. Orphan

    Cancer Rising. YES, YES, YES. This resonates. Thank you 😊. ❤️

  8. simone bolgan

    Thank you💫Happyyyyyyyyy Halloween 🧡🍁🎃

  9. Trisha630

    Raven! As usual…you nailed it!! ❤️Love the gloves! ☠️

  10. singh 1979

    YES you always right!!! You are the best.

  11. Helen J. Goh

    Cool Halloween gloves! Thank you🌹🎃

  12. Dei Dei

    Thank you Raven‼️Love your gloves😍Happy Halloween🎃👻


    Thank you so much! 💖🧿

  14. LadyMorgana

    OMG this is amazing. We are possibly meeting on Tues for the first time in 5 months. The general energies I am picking up elsewhere are what you say… fingers crossed huh! Thank you xxx

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