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  1. D owl

    That reading really blew my mind.. I was depressed earlier today (still kinda am) and I felt hopeless because no matter how much I try over and over, I always seem to be a scapegoat or felt that my hard work isn’t paying off (work & in general). Now listening to every detail you just pointed out and putting 2&2 together really woke me up & resonated with me 1000%! Thank you so much for this powerful reading. Sending much positive vibes and wishing you success from the Caribbean. ~Cancer here

  2. Kiesha Williams

    the background music is distracting

  3. Tania Te Moananui

    Kia ora thank you, brilliant and on point reading… i intend to focus solely on myself, if new love comes my way, we will see! Right now i have a business to grow and now can totally focus!!! Thank you again, arohanui 💖😍😘

  4. Nyesha Casby

    Sagittarius is correct

  5. nayanajith jayantha

    I'm Cancer and she is Taurus I Love her more than everything more than this whole world even more than my own life She was my Everything she was my whole world she was my breath not only that she was the Only hope for me to live My Love is Pure honest and unlimited I honestly Deeply Love her I really know I Love her more than me I cant finish of telling that how much I Love her I can't live without her She has become my everything she has become my whole world she has become my whole Life But she left me by Kicking me off like nothing and telling me that me and my love are Crazy Bullshits I believed her more than anybody n I believed her each and every single word and her all hopes she gave me also her all promises she promised me so wonderful everlasting Love has awaken in the deepest of my Heart then as a matter of fact she became my Soul She Promised me in the name of the God that She Truly deeply Honestly Love me Only me She Love me more than everything more than this whole world more than anybody more than her her own life Not only that more than this whole Universe I'm her everything I'm her whole world I'm her Breath Near me and my Love she has everything and whole world She need Only me in this life from the whole World she Never live me Along in this life journey She will Love me and live with me until her last breath. If I'm with her that's more than enough for her to live Happily until die She need Only me to live I'm her Breath she can't live without me If I leave her she will be Dead….. Like this A Plenty of words like this Actually I'm unable to finish of telling her own words those she has told me. But having told me like this She put me in to this Suffering Death She has Completely Lied me she betrayed me She Broke my Heart she Cheated on me She totally Abandoned me Since she left me I have been living for the sake of living My mind is totally full from Sorrow my Heart is Paining terribly Deeply my whole soul is Suffering Only suffering each and every moment There's No any hope for me to live any more I have sick of everything I have Given up my whole life I don't know how long I will be able to live with this Pain I Pray for the God to Save me from this Suffering Hell. I'm Totally Broken Hearted as well as Disappointed I'm Suffering Only Suffering each and every single moment my Dear This is Not joke I'm Serious this is the Truth I'm telling Only the Truth. You are telling like my Story but I have been Suffering Only Suffering for Years sofa I I have Suffered More More than I have Enjoyed in my Life So I'm Still Suffering Also Last few Years are the Most Deepest Heaviest Worst Suffering years for me including this year I'm telling the Truth Only Truth in the Name of the God I'm Completely Disappointed. I don't know I have been waiting for a Long time to happen what you say to my life if it Truly happens I will be really owe to you and I don't know How to Thank You. She Hurts me a Lot But I'm still waiting for her. Some how Thanks for your wonderful Hopeful reading. God Bless You !!!!!.

  6. Nurah Nantume

    Cutting off an Aquarius totally tired of love in general

  7. Tammy Adams528

    Thank you. You are truly gifted. I am super attracted to a Capricorn he is an Attorney who reached out to me earlier this year about doing business; He is in Atlanta, GA I am currently in PA. I am taking the leap of faith to move back to Georgia, I feel it is time. I removed myself emotionally from my old relationship, that person was a crazy unfaithful sag. just exhausting. I threw that turd relationship in the trash, moving on. The sag. is trying so damn hard to impress me, but I just ignore him and act like he doesn't exist lol. I am happy now, did the work, and still doing the work. Meditation, loving myself and building my income and business. that sag. is regretting what he did big time, too bad. no more getting taking advantage of or taken for granted. I've got the power to creative my true happiness. done.

  8. V-taper No Longer A Vegan

    I'm a Cancer man. I fell into lust & love hard w/ a Taurus woman. She actually got me to finally get a divorce that was enviable and we moved in together. Things were great till she started shutting me out & began snapchatting with ex's & other suitors. So I packed up all my things and ended it on the 1st of August. I still love her but she has already proven my intuition to be spot on by jumping on a new dick less than 10 days after the break up. I told her I want zero contact & time to heal to become a better version of myself but she can't even respect that request and so I have blocked her on ALL possible forms of communication. It hurts so bad cuz I still love her & I ghost/ ignore her when she is @ the gym the same time as me. But I'm still working on my self development and future plans to be a worthy worthwhile candidate for the next possible love to come along.

  9. realwitcha1

    A Master Cheater with trust issues. 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. realwitcha1

    Toxic Twin Flame 🔥 had to Remove myself.

  11. Tracey Norman

    Every word of this was speaking my truth. My Virgo man is amazing. I know we have a strong tie in the past etc. I am stuck not knowing what to do next.Thank you for sharing your gift and insights.

  12. Patricia DAFEAMEKPOR

    100%Resonated thanks xxxx

  13. Patricia DAFEAMEKPOR

    Absolutely correct on point

  14. Patricia DAFEAMEKPOR

    That's correct thanks

  15. Lilthick1 1

    Yeah i tried and tried…tired of trying to make this fool ex scorpio see that im the one…soulmate/devine connection…very stubborn and guarded…one sided relationship smh. This is the hardest relationship i ever been in my life lol…..He just dont know im about to cut cords and once this cancer does that its a wrap boo…..im over it

  16. Celeste Carpio

    Scorpio sun/cancer moon/Gemini rising

  17. joe king

    What does he want from me

  18. 11 11

    You are so gifted! Libra crosswatcher I know I hurt him and I feel incredibly bad for everything I love him so much.

  19. Sua Koko

    So accurate

  20. Huma 7777

    Im amazed! Quite true wat u said.. such a detailed reading. I can't trust him anymore. Yeah he hurted me in the past. we don't communicate now. I can't mk any move to start talking to him again. it puts me off if i start thinking about it. Great reading!!! Lots of Love n Blessings.👍👍👍👍

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