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  1. Ritika Sarah

    Wow! Blew my mind right out of the gate. Just moved to a new house facing east!

  2. Tracie Harrison

    Geez! So damn accurate! Down to dealing w/Taurus and last kid just graduated and out the house. I’m a young empty nester.
    This general felt personal as hell!! 🎯

  3. Lucitha Mitchell

    Never again. I don't Love him anymore. I am good on my own fuck him and you. Never again

  4. Lucitha Mitchell

    It's not me it is that bitch he won't leave me alone. It is it me.i wish you could tell him. I wish that bitch would leave me alone. He is a stocker.

  5. C D

    My mouth is literally open and on the floor. I consider this a personal reading. I’ve been heartbroken over a Pisces who broke up with me months ago, without closure. I believe (just my speculation) that he went back to his BM. His last name begins with an “M”

    I just broke it off with a Virgo (slightly boring for my cusp energy 6.22 ♋️), who is from “M”emphis Tennessee (😬) and i always said that we are so alike but different at the same time.

    This is scary accurate

  6. C D

    You: “Lunatic Cancer”
    Me: “you rang? I’m here”


  7. Pat KM

    Really baby mama left me in the dust very hurt no older kids your not george moore

  8. Pat KM

    To late done over this crap why would I trust no communacation stopped in and out of my m from Tennessee what the hell is this crap no way lied to again. Over this dont try

  9. TA TA

    I dont know about other cancers but I do forgive I just dont forget and when a person do you in you don't got to take them back people shouldn't go around treating people fuckred up then turn right around and want them again thank u but no thank u

  10. TA TA

    I'm pushing him away because he is a freaking cheat lied about begin married and still doing the same thing my intutuon tells me it ain't cool

  11. Shannon Roper

    NOPE…don't need closure. I've healed myself!! Can't get "closure" when you're dealing with a liar!

  12. holygrailofbeautysupply LLC

    Yes girl you are absolutely right. I need to hear this so I can take it and close the door and move on! You're right!

  13. holygrailofbeautysupply LLC

    Yes been looking for a new place, near water😊 resignating again… wow! One place I'm looking at will be ready end of Aug. Beginning of Sept. Wow. Yes definitely want to move in a new environment to clear the energy and too a better neighborhood. Yes!

  14. Soul Queen

    Spot on.

  15. Kim orencia


  16. Kollette Van

    Hi, Faith, yes, it's almost Christmas..yay !!! LOL, thanks for your readings. I welcome all the blessings God, Divine Spirits, & Universe have in store for me 🙂

  17. medussaa99


  18. Nikki

    Congrats to all the fellow cancers who have found love and someone who wants to marry them 😊 cuz this is definitely not my situation….. oh well maybe some day🤷🏾‍♀️

  19. Dani Belle

    I hollered!!!!!!!! Tooooooooooo accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anita Shiels

    Ur so right I could be waiting 30 years for an apology Thanks great advice

  21. Buttercup 1

    This resonated sooooo well- yes waiting on my taurus who is 12 years older than me- yes he wants marriage but not now, yes he has obligations which i dont understand- yes we are so different yet so similar-every word resonated- i love marriage cards and ten of cups and wheel of fortune- i will wait for him and make happen but not desperately, i will work on myself meanwhile- i dont want new begining with anybody else

  22. Odesia J

    Just moved

  23. Odesia J

    Cancer rising

  24. Tonyagets Real

    Moving in August very good area. He told my son he was getting us a place, No thanks too late. Can’t trust him too much of a burden don’t see him changing don’t care if he ever change. No man will ever get me locked down in wife mode only to be let down.

  25. Angel 100

    Spot on I’m moving in my new house end of August

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