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  1. anna robles

    I’m Libra Woman this sounds like me With my Cancer man we have been talking about us being together living in the same town and I love this cancer mani think this is about cancer it sounds like a Libra reading.??

  2. Ashley Marie

    I'm not exactly sure who this could be. It could be a few different people lol It could be my ex, could be the girl who ghosted me in Sept for no reason, could be the girl that I miss and want to come back. So the roles could be reversed and it could be me w the girl I miss and I want her stubborn hermit virgo ass to just talk to me and let's get over the bump in the road lmao I've tried to talk to her. Too many players in my game lol The Emperor is me lol Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer. I do want commitment lol

  3. Ruth King-Hughes

    Cross Watcher thank you

  4. Ashley Marie

    "I'm not saying that this person makes your skin crawl I just let you go like yesterday" 🤣🤣 I love your personality and realness so much lol

  5. Beth Tipton

    Welcome to my world

  6. DuZaBiiT.

    She had a baby no 2ndchance from me the fool 😂

  7. Kathryn Marie

    Sometimes when the tower falls in a relationship and one or both want to reconcile, it's likely that both parties processed it separately and understood their own contribution to the tower falling. The only way to go forward is not to cast blame or rehash the past, but to move ahead as changed individuals in an entirely new relationship with each other.

  8. mark rotella

    Cross-watcher for my Cancer… she's my DM, and she is in the process of trying to get 'unbonded' from an abusive, toxic, felon karmic…. he has used black magic, spells and bad juju to block her free will… you think you are getting bad energies? try in my shoes… but especially for my sweet Twin..she is scared, confused, but very stubborn.. LOL I stay in constant prayer for angels protection & guidance. I'm allowing for Divine timing…. but if this karmic won't back down, Divine intervention WILL take care of this situation… Love, Patience & Faith mark (*)

  9. Lisa Jimenez

    He was with his Whore… He cheated and tried to lie about it.

  10. Marsha H

    Man! You are off-the-charts good! 😀 Who ARE you, Milagros? (LOL)
    A gem in the sand!

  11. Linda Rhodes

    I've was dealing with a capricorn man and yes he is a thief and liar and he was sleeping around this man is full of crumbs and he play to many games he also have some kind of addiction problem yes he is a big liar something is wrong with this man he wore a mask for a long period of time his types of person he is always right and you are wrong he going to meets the right person is going to puts him in check watch what I've tell you cards reader and he just turns 62 years old and wants to be a younger person he have a nasty mouth on him to be 62 hell he ask me to marry him

  12. jayylioness Jayy Eliz


  13. steph parker

    Feel this frustration sooo much!!! I've been close to a libra for 8 years now. He's 13 years older than me, however, I've always been tradition wanting marriage and a family, he doesn't want kids at all. We spent 4 years going in circles of becoming close, but the moment I asked where is this going he'd freak out, say we want different things and I'd be pushed back into the friend-zone! I'd go through periods of him messaging me all the time to then nothing for weeks – or super flirty to than cold replies. He eventually started seeing someone else ( hid it from me for two months until I caught him out!) and it broke my heart more deeply than I thought it would. But he didn't understand why I was upset and wanted my comfort when this new relationship ended after 3-4 months! He even took it out on me, even though I originally wished him well with this new gf and stepped away. He declared I was an important part of his life at this point but after that time I thought no more. we stayed friends and I met an Aries who was amazing – no games, straight forward and helped me heal but we mutually split 9 months later. During that relationship, I could tell the penny dropped for the libra and he finally realised what he lost!! I could tell he was jealous and has asked me to move in numerous times since. He's afraid to lose me and seeing me with someone else, but won't admit his feelings and at the same time does not want to commit. I'll always care/love him I think but I also can't live like that!! I want openness, no games/riddles, proper commitment and to build a life and family with someone. Praying to meet someone this year to fully move on – someone who really wants me and doesn't run hot and cold 🙏🙌

  14. Stephanie E. Mobley

    Cancer here in custody battle with libra. No thanks

  15. Beyond Blessed

    Sounds like my ex aries played me and now wants me back

  16. Icy Giratina

    Weird mix of "that would suck" and false hope

  17. High Empress

    Let me tell you about this so called Emperor. Because he was afraid to commit, I agreed to “let’s take this slow and get to know each other” thinking it was just he and myself in the equation and this mf was messing around with 2 other women. At 6 am, one of them kept blowing his phone up and he answered the phone with her on speaker obviously so I could hear it. The girl suspected he was with someone else because she’s telling him that he never returned her calls and whatever else. I just got up and got dressed and left. I was crying all day. Still greatly disturbed by his behavior and not understanding why why why. I just want to be done. I want to get over him rather than reconcile. I just don’t believe God would send me this bullshit. Not gonna believe it. Nothing is cute about this at all.

  18. MarellaElla

    My person is also making me nervous lol. Ive known this Sagittarius for two years now. We reconciled back in May but after an 8 month time period of us dating other people. I was dating someone last summer and we still remained friends up until now. We are also 700 miles away btw. Leaves lot of space for me to feel uneasy or "nervous" with sudden kindness and running back to me. I visited him on his birthday and now we are planning to go to coachella this year. He did tell me the first couple months we seriously dated, he wasn't looking to falling for me but he did – but still not what he wanted at the time. NOW we are here after getting his life together & added clarity.

  19. Laureen A

    Yes I'm cancer he aquarius and from 3 weeks I stopped care about him, yes he pissed me off ,letting him go. Omg everything is true 😭😭😭

  20. Jona Len

    He was a player your picking what he is like hates talking / lies

  21. Ella Roycie

    Yeeeeeeah no, I don't think so! I'm so over mother f*ckers from the past who doesn't realize what they have until it's gone. I'm screaming internally leave me the freak alone
    Girl, I love your readings!

  22. Ayshea Richards

    Seing is believing. He finished with me after 5 years last February. Then went off with 3 different women. That’s where he was. Lost his flat due to his drug misuse. And then hooked up with some nasty woman. I don’t know where he is. No communication. His last words to me were F off. On the phone October. All I want is an apology that’s it. I don’t want him anymore

  23. Randy Trevor

    Cancer man with a virgo she a sex kitten hence the butterflies(project monarch) took me a while to come to terms with it. Im good now we are what each other need to be happy. I cant be mad at her but I am mad at the people who did this to her and im gonna do anything I can to help her put her fractured self back together.

  24. Unapologetically Tc

    The other person is hiding their energy left it go!

  25. Shanna Daniels

    Accurate cancer wanting libra he sees me as the 10 of cups he needs to act like it he hasn’t responded in 6 days and left back to his home state

  26. veronica kiyoko

    I don’t want him back in my life, that person is not a good person and love is not enough, bye.

  27. Cara Mary Fay

    This is my divine counterpart twin Word for Word energy for energy LOL you nailed his personality now you know why he drove me mad LOL in this deep true love for seven bloody years LOL . I just finally got an change from the barnacles around the rest trapped in the devils cave On December 30 . Declared my wanting a energetic divorce from this toxic karmic and balanced relationship that I never wanted of this magnitude … that was all based on his failed relationships and pains of his past .. that I took on the burdens and since they’re from . He has been avoiding the steps and we skipped first second and third and even fourth base and went step straight to fifth base with a telepathic spiritual connection and sacred work assignments together living together as if we were a couple but he refuses to give me the commitment and even look at me! I have the ball and chain of a spouse but no benefits . He just wants to skip all the steps! And I am done . He is a player and a wheeler and a dealer and a charmer but I am so unimpressed with the masks I have put up with it for too darn long and I am done .
    He slips right in … runs back to me but it’s always because he’s got nowhere else to go and because he needs to be taken care of and he doesn’t really do what he needs to take care of me emotionally
    By constantly being evasive
    he is a charmer and wants to keep things “simple and skip all the steps” but it causes more confusion and aggravation and complexity than anyone should handle!
    and skip the conversation and skip all the behaviors that he did when he gave all the energy attention and his resources to other people and other women instead of me when He promised all of it to me . And then left me in the cold .
    I believe deep down that he does love me but he has denied it with an iron fist
    So I have to walk away and end this toxic connection and hope that the true love connection that we really have will rise from its ashes but right now it Hass to go into the incinerator and drill the nail into the coffin .
    Because I am done . Waiting for the full disclosure and transparency of the real truth that has been avoided this entire time . I love him dearly and have the upmost of compassion and understanding and there is no animosity or anything of that sort anymore because I have healed from the pain

    I just want him to be honest with me so that I can MoveOn and we can continue to do our amazing work together .
    Thank you for this incredible reading it was exactly what I needed to hear in this final stage of my karmic energetic divorce . The chains are finally released from my wrists and ankles as of the end of the year thank God for that and divine timing . So that I can finally help us out of the hell hole that we have been in this whole time . Despite our truest intention and wanting the best for each other but yet being too terrified to talk about it because of sensitivities and walking on egg shells . No more pain no more five swords only gentle compassion with an empress and emperor who need to move forward together and the height of light . But with full illumination of the truth and face that pain together . Not in separation . But to solve an independent beings who really do care and love fully and completely .
    Thanks for everything
    much love

  28. veronica kiyoko

    Prison, something to do with the government, he was a military man.

  29. veronica kiyoko

    I can tell you where he was…

  30. Living a La Bad Lifestyle

    I freaking love you, I am a Cancer dealing with a break up from Taurus after 6 years just ghosted me, hmmmmm I know there is some ish missing (thanks) I want to know as much as the government know lol

  31. johnny fleckz

    mine will rush it cuz it wasnt just third party, its the dirty disgustin no self respecting sex they were having on drugs, that she probably enjoyed too much to talk about, im a fundamentally grounded pisces with a mindblowing life path, like i give a shit about her and her deceitful lies lol

  32. Danielle M.

    Sounds like a narcissist

  33. Sandy Gonzales

    Cancer chick here… That guy is a cheater 100%. Hed sneak off and meet some girl then they use the worst drug the worst way . All about sex. I heard it all, literally heard them. That gave me the creeps, all the noises and then those two demons… This is really bad

  34. Tremont Ave

    In a women’s bed

  35. bellanewfie

    Never trust a cancer, EVER

  36. Melissa Valdes

    I thought gemini was done ? I already blocked him and he’s not the one to come after me. Maybe if I stay strong and can get through this wave I’ll meet some one better 🙂

  37. Madeleine McCormick

    I can’t tell if the other person is Virgo or Aquarius. Because I’ve been dealing with both, yet I closed the book on the Virgo and opened a new story with an Aqua ex. The rushing through emotions feels like Aqua, but the coming back feels like Virgo. We’ll see. 🤷🏼‍♀️🙏🏼✨🌙

  38. Reina Patricia

    I will never connect with a Virgo again, that was my ex husband that I'm releasing, then I was connecting with a Leo,but shut him down bc he wanted friends with benefits, ughh

  39. Tina Ambrosio

    Last night in bed as I was trying to relax clear my mind to sleep… Not thinking of him. Out of nowhere I hear in my mind "babe I Love you" to the music of Styx… I don't even like that group ¯_(ツ)_/¯ and that was it. I wasn't even sure what group sang this song so I looked it up and listened. Weird.


    Damn you picked up his energy strong 😭🤣

  41. kayla; ,

    cancer rising hereee, i’m dealing with a scorpio with gemini moon

  42. Ronney Williams

    this was the most accurate reading for me , I’m a cancer dealing with a pisces & you described our situation, we got into a heated argument a couple months ago & stopped talking for a while & a couple nights ago I got a call from him claiming he was drunk & in his feelings & that he thought we were so beefed out & that he miss our talks & laughs that we shared after I asked him what was his agenda & intentions with popping back & he started crying over the phone saying that he don’t know why he pushes the good people away & that he loves me & appreciate me & said he was going to think about all that I told him & work on himself for me , I must admit I’m scared because I don’t know if I should let him back in , the love & everything that matters is there he’s just at a stand still , I love him don’t get me wrong & I’ll be willing to meet him half way again & work on us but he have to come correct this time!

  43. fxyrxy7447

    Yes it would be nice💞

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