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  1. Shaquasia Whitfield

    Whew lord my life right now 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

  2. Andri X

    Tyler we love you!!! 😆😆😆😆 it's 100% my story!!! Xx

  3. Wendy M Hammer

    Seriously, I did a search for the best YouTube Tarot readers and you came up. You're fucking hilarious and when you said you couldn't be a teacher because you're an asshole… that resonated with me, BIG TIME!!! You're so hilarious.

  4. Heather Lanman

    Lol this is so My Story!!!!!!!

  5. D.J forte

    I can save your cancers a lot of future pain. I watched a lot of tarot videos. Our issues are we have to stand in our power and speak our mind or this hurt will repeat itself. for example, no matter who you love….do not stay with anyone who mistreats you or cheats. walk! If you hold on to an unbalanced relationship that tower will come regardless of it you want it to or not. WE NEED TO LOVE OURSELF FIRST!!! I walked cuz I am tired of being in a 3rd party. if he can't commit I m not coming back and it HURTS LIKE HELL. I love myself more.

  6. Tanya A B

    who needs comedy channel! omg u crack me up

  7. Jazz

    Spot on, Im a cancer & having to let go of my twinflame!

  8. liz ara

    I’m cancer he’s a Pisces

  9. ann keany

    You are amazing . Thank you

  10. Deborah Ivie

    I am so proud of what you have accomplished since I started watching you 3 years ago. So excited for you.

  11. BeastMaster585

    Tyler 🥰 you are the champ!! Even when it's not my story I m still going to watch!! Always entertaining and your punch lines are always the best; undisputed!! Love and light Tyler

  12. Michelle G

    Hahahahhaa omg Tyler you make me laugh SO hard everytime I watch you! Lol!! Thank you for the reading ❤😂😂😂😂 and the belly laugh hahahha

  13. Reflyn Delaph

    My instincts have been telling me my man is cheating on me.you know what they say about cancers and their instincts its never wrong and i know that am not just being paranoid

  14. keikan0407

    Yup, it’s a Virgo I’ve been dealing with.

  15. Islamic Eschatology

    Cancer is an metabolic disease. Cancer cells survive on anaerobic respiration and they are Energy depleted. Subscribe and Share.

  16. Kim orencia

    Tyler! They gonna want you! Don't let em change you, we love the real you! I am a cancer and sometimes I wish you were wrong but ya not! Damn it 😂

  17. Esmeralda

    This reading is for me.

  18. Ms. Sherrell

    That's my favorite color!!

  19. Ms. Sherrell

    Thanks for this reading!!

  20. Ms. Sherrell

    Lol I love you!!

  21. gracei98pettyfer

    i found out everything without trying.

  22. RuD3 Po3t

    Its strange that u mentioned in the end that u smelled like onions. Though the smell can be horrible at times, it is very magical and protective. Very good to take that omen in. Good reading!!!😏

  23. Gabriella Papale

    Your readings resonate with me sooo much! I feel like you know me! 😂
    I’ve been dealing with a connection/situation with a Scorpio. It’s been on and off for a year now. Recently, I got fed up and said that I was done…but with my Pisces moon, I’m way too forgiving and deep down, I can’t really to let it go.

  24. Lara

    This resonates so much, Im heartbroken even though Im not even sure about my feelings about him. He wanted to meet, but then never made a move and then he just literally told me that "bae" is over to watch some movies?? lmao feeling betrayed and backstabbed

  25. Julie Tigermoon


  26. Dawn Roberts

    Cancer DF Cancer DM accurate AF! Soul connection. 9 year relationship/ engagement ended. Love triangle with Narcissist exposed. No contact implemented and I surely am ANTI-stalking his dumb ass, except he's now been awaken. He gots to learn🤷🏽‍♀️
    BTW I hope you showered and not having an allergic reaction. I was crying laughing, but only if you're ok🤣

  27. Lawrence Kline

    They sent me to you to help you.

  28. Kellie Elliott

    Def my story and would of loved to grow old with my ex but it's way too toxic. His a player big time and cheated on me numerous of times. I hope he doesn't reach out to me but then again I hope he does. Too much conflict running through my head about him. Thank you for the reading.

  29. Lawrence Kline

    24:25 you repeat signs with 2 different outcomes

  30. Lawrence Kline

    23:25 you start to realize your ways watch your video

  31. Lawrence Kline

    Be a better version of you bro 1% everyday

  32. Bon Vivant

    This resonates me, I'm a Cancer… I'm married who drains my energy to this Scorpio. I just meet this Taurus last June 29, 2019 but suddenly he keeps avoiding me without no reasons…

  33. Lawrence Kline

    12:45 you Admit you're an idiot thank you

  34. Lawrence Kline

    She has cancer in her chart I have virgo and your the idiot LOL

  35. Klasire

    “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” 💀😂

  36. Lizzie Hatch

    So true. He was a user. He will pay for his lying as ways.

  37. Margo Mazzeo

    Noo..no Gingerbread man here..😂😂😂💝💝🎈🎈

  38. Margo Mazzeo

    I think hes a narcissist..hmmm..

  39. Margo Mazzeo

    If he wants to clear the air..he'd better start texting..cause Im not.

  40. sonu kumar

    I Pulse use kre any cancer Patients 100%Results contact us 7503714266

  41. Margo Mazzeo

    Im getting fed up now..I should just leave him..Im.Gemini..Hes Capricorn..in a disagreement ..hes always right..lol..I have 5 planets in Cancer..so…

  42. Norma Luz

    100% my story, very accurate. Thank you Tyler

  43. D'Anna C

    Ty, Ty-
    Crabs can't let go of

    Especially a GRUDGE.

    Stubborness is their DEMISE.

  44. Shani 2016

    You look good in blue❤

  45. Donnella tilery

    single cancer and fav color is blue. yes, I'm not interested in anyone! #accurateagain

  46. Angel Meadows

    Highly resonating 🙏🏼 but I'm letting spirit deal with it… No more allowing negative situation or people around me

  47. Jennifer Erickson

    I love your readings and you will take it to another level. There is only one Tyler!

  48. Heather Blough

    Yeah he did backstab me. He’s a fucking liar. I’ll never be with him again.

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