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  1. Che Alcabasa

    Thanks Sal reading cancerians again kahit pagod ka. God bless you Sal.

  2. Charm Ng

    Card #1 3:31
    Card #2 4:28
    Card #3 5:55

  3. Zara Khan

    Pink looks nice on you

  4. sl sl

    yes im waiting for that offer and i hope it will be stable this time 🙏

  5. Queen Z

    Sal I just love you 😘 😍

  6. Starlight Shadow

    I f’ing hate it when you try to get away from someone & they even manage to hijack your own zodiac sign tarot readings😓👿 It won’t be stable, f him, he’s a cheater.

  7. defrox

    "I've seen a koala smile….I've seen a turtle running a marathon more than this person expressing their feelings" LOL

  8. Mia Jeong

    Ang cute mo Sal to speak tagalog..
    Pagod na pagod wala pang tulog😂😊

  9. Debbie C.

    #3 5:55

  10. Debbie C.

    #2 4:39

  11. Xolo Xozo Tarot

    Capricorn cross watcher accurate !

  12. Xolo Xozo Tarot

    Your so hot

  13. alexis smith

    02:57 Pick a Card
    08:20 Regular Tarot Reading
    16:30 Zodiacs in Extended

  14. Carohy 10

    Thank you 😊

  15. Shilpa Murthy

    Card 1- 3:33
    Card 2- 4:30
    Card 3- 5:55

  16. Patricia Alls

    Love the shirt the color looks great on you!!

  17. صافيه بكون

    Thanks more

  18. Barbara Bates

    Every Cancer I have ever meant and even my old boyfriends always come back to me. I am North Node Cancer but a Scorpio …. I like cash me outside <3 I am an 11th house Scorpio 😀 yahoo 😀
    Hey … some people never have their cup 1/2 full … and you, Cancer want everyone and never worry about spilling your cup 1/2 full… it's empty… selfish fool. SO Ghost me… you lose 😉

    My mom always said: Time heals all wounds, but it also wounds all heels. 😉 If you love this Scorpio let me know… I am not vacant long… so either you are here or gone. Kisses <3

    As a healthcare provider I appreciate your life; I am glad you are here with us. You are priceless Sal <3

  19. Aoife Mairead

    I love your energy 😍❤️

  20. MoonGoddess Cancer

    Pocky what ?🤔😂🤣

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