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  1. Antje Str


  2. Brenda Mitchell

    I had a dream about my ex he was a good person but I didn’t want him no more I just wanted to be happy

  3. Azzurebleu Tarot

    Reading starts at 3:00

  4. chitra wickram

    Thank you very much for the reading.I am dealing with an Aries and he is going through a divorce.It is a long distance relationship.

  5. Chenese Brickhouse

    Spot on even down to the signs. I’m an Aries, she’s a cancer, he’s a Virgo.

  6. Lydia Morrell

    Cancer rising iam his ex though she was new third party im not gunna sweat it tho coz alk my other signs are positive this is just my rising ☺ hes barelt known her lol

  7. Amanda Delgardo

    Spot on hunni I'm cancer/leo…he is a Leo thank you so much I will be careful 😘

  8. Chimere brooks

    Where is the right person all the wrong coming in and i got my two swords cutting and bs

  9. Chimere brooks

    Yup Scorpio the worst

  10. Mansa Patricia

    He is a player and i don't want to continue this relation cuz he is so not stable always in and out.

  11. Mansa Patricia

    Am so alert.

  12. Mansa Patricia

    Absolutely resonated thanks👌👌👌

  13. Helen J. Goh

    Thank you🌹Will be careful. Scorp ghosted Apr 25th, no sound yet.

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