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  1. Vlinder 010

    Prince has pulled me through the biggest depression I had in my life,., took me 4 years to recover( had 2 other fights in my life) .The only man that did NOT walked away or treated me bad. Prince is my all..if he only new what he means to me..

  2. Rasheeda Thomas

    He engineer and he does music

  3. Bella Bells

    You are so good, very spot on. Thank you so much, you’re unbelievable 💕

  4. Pat KM

    I am good going solo better so I dont get hurt I can find a good man. On my own

  5. Terra

    Yyyeeesss and after almost three years my Capricorn called me today and we both love to listen to music and sing along and yes he ghosted me and broke my heart and spirit and yes I am scared and have major trust issues

  6. Felicia.xo

    Hes coming back with some offer for me 👌🤞😊👸🏼

  7. Dina Holland

    Resonated 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  8. Nicole Brown

    Wow 😮 Shaneka, u r talented!

  9. Thatgirlbrixd

    yo when u said earth sign, obsession, and then music i was like oh shoot! lol.. lets up this earth sign come back and contacts me.

    Edit:*hope lol

  10. Tracie Harrison

    Ima need this to come into fruition.🌹❤️💯

  11. egyptnz27

    I feel my Cancer big sister should've with my ex.h Aries…to find true reallove that SHE DESERVES AYE CHEREE XXX

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