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  1. Mara Althea Dimaculangan

    So my cheating ex will come back? hehehehe is now with another cheating taurus woman. I don't know if he will ever change but I still love him

  2. Cristina Aidoo

    Omg……my life with that fire sign. So much ego he has……but this time I stay my ground .👊

  3. cjmac661

    soooooo on point

  4. Princess Victoria

    I was in a relationship like that in the past, where I had to become bitchy and closed off, but it gets tiring, because it's not healthy, why should I have to become dark and negative to get a positive out of him? Relationships like that don't get anywhere in the long run, you'll always be back to square one, no growth. I don't want to be out of character anymore, if someone can't appreciate me because I'm nice and they want me to become mean with them just to get them to be nice, then they don't deserve me. They need to go. They're just demeaning my character. I want healthy not toxic

  5. nm m

    chasing time is done from my side cancer. this time he has to see my value and worth and chase me with clear and open communication.

  6. M J

    Yeah he said I crossed a line, and wouldn't tell me what it is (I know he made that up), and then he blocked me. He's trying to play with a very independent thick shelled cancer hahaha played himself.

  7. Lady Wurzel

    Summed up my present predicament in one ! Scary ! Lol

  8. wendy Smith Positive Life Coaching

    I was with a guy that was drinking alcohol excessively and became very sexually inappropriate when drunk. I left him because he was unwilling to limit his drinking. He was refusing to take responsibility for it being a problem. He was sexually assaulting me in public and it was awful. I made it clear that it’s serious but he didn’t care. Now it’s up to him and I believe that he will continue even though he knows he risks his livelihood and his reputation. Not my problem now. He is absolutely brilliant when he’s sober, but he lies about it and how much he drinks

  9. Koko Tha Beaut

    A cancer woman with a virgo man….im in tears because this is our relationship to the T!!!!

  10. Yamamoto JTGL000222

    Virgo hubby of 35yrs is a cheater n player. Very cunning foxy calculative oppotunistic n narcisstic ! His mask dropped after so many years. I (Cancerian) am too nurturing giving n empathetic. Cancerians always give n give n give but not being reciprocated ! Narcistics can mask for many many years before it drops. Trust me through my experience. Not only 3rd party but 4 and 5 !!! Sending all my love to all Cancerians. Love yourselves first yah ! 😘

  11. HaloJay222 222

    This resonates 100%

  12. Lita Mey Layco

    On point. I am always available, he knows that no matter what I will exert effort. Damn. 😞
    Cap really has this huge EGO!

  13. Kritika Mukhrjee

    Beautiful Reading.

  14. La Soule

    I hope this comes to fruition. ☺️ I knew he was stubborn when we connected. Pride, Ego, not owning up are definitely challenges for him. We don’t have to be together, but like you said Cancer ♋️ ( myself) doesn’t feel that what transpired is worth the loss of the connection that we were building. But that is how the male Libra ♎️ seems to operate when there is high emotional stress. No matter where it stems from. Thank you. Beautiful reading.

  15. Anna Churikova

    Bingo 😅

  16. Ashley Garrett

    Wow! It’s like you’re telling my story! He says very hurtful things and has a huge ego! I know he’s my twin flame, but I need him to prove to me he’s for real this time. I give so much to him and it’s really starting to break me down. I always give in and I’m a total softie 🙂

  17. Shami Rashdi

    I definitely resonated with this reading. Thank you very much.
    Do you do private readings?

  18. Ayshea Richards

    way too much has happened for my ex to come back now

  19. Kathleen McCallum

    Deleted first comment. Wanted to thank you and say so long for a while. Watching these just makes me feel sick all over again. It's time to really let go and walk away without revisiting pain and a low vibration episode that I want to forget. You are a great reader who really seems to care. Bless your heart for stepping up to help people. Some of these situations shouldn't come together-like mine.

  20. LaDasjua Evans

    Their personality is retarded… that’s sad. Cancers. We’re nurturing…but we have to be rude to attract them. Smh. Wth…

  21. Rebecca Austin

    This is just what I needed to here, I did all the giving! So he didnt have to win my heart xxx

  22. Clara Bowling

    Right on the nail! Never owning up on what he did, no apologies or manipulation. No he pushed me away found a way to get away with many things. "I have no more to give". My cup is empty, being more flustered with the actions, thank you for the reading! Very good messages.
    Blessed be 🌹

  23. London Davis

    Your on point. !!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Denise Williams

    True Love Story! So real what's actually happening. Great reading ur amazing I cannot wait for the next vid. Thanks

  25. Moon_03 Cain

    For me it’s a reversal

  26. Aphrodite Goddess of it all

    I have never met anyone who such a big ego before. He puts the blame everything on me; he lives in this false reality and it’s frustrating. I am one to own up to all my wrong doings and am woman enough to apologize for anything I did wrong; but I’m all honesty, all I did wrong was allowing him to string me along. I did everything for him, the relationship, and I got nothing back. When I finally felt enough is enough and I wanted him to reciprocate what I was giving, he couldn’t hack it. So although it was difficult to end the relationship with someone I truly loved, I had to do it. I had to choose me for once. I had to put myself first, I had to put my foot down.

  27. Jasmine

    😳 word for word spot on.. A little scary ❤

  28. Afro Katsis

    100% accurate always the woman’s fault never the men’s fault they never want to take countably for there actions I’m done been in a relationship with any man I’d rather be alone live a single life knowing what ever mistakes i make there my own and I only have my self to blame… I’ve wasted 22 long years waiting for this bozo to change his ways to start giving to show his love towards me to meet me half way unfortunately he will never change his manipulative controlling or his narcissistic ways…what ever!!!! he can wait till the cows come home cause this ship has sailed dock and is heading to other ports… 😉 thanx for the reading i found it amusing…. I’ll be waiting on ur next video to come out 😊


    I can’t believe the stupid things people complain about. The reading isn’t an exact science, it’s a guide. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  30. Sonya

    I'm cancer he's virgo and yes he did mess up like he always does by thinking with his small head and more worried about getting his dick wet and money then anything. he will play a girl if he benifits from it he will lie and keep secrets he was me to jump when he say and I'm not no more i call him out and he went m.i.a no calls no text no nothing… he's a coward and I'm standing my ground. He's a playboy who needs to grow up and stop useing ppl for his benifits

  31. Desert Rose

    100% accurate… Im the Cancer dealing with Caapricorn..

  32. Kitty Nekochan

    I was the giver, my Cancer counterpart was the taker but he won't own up to his mistakes & was deceptive, manipulative, played mind games & kept secrets from me coz of his HUGE EGO 😒😧 I had to learn setting boundaries coz he used me while I was completely open & vulnerable to him. He was so immature, ignores me & keeps ghosting me so I'm done chasing. I'm focusing on me coz I don't wanna attract the same kind of men who only has unrequited love to give. I deserve better coz I know I'm worthy of love & I'm nobody's toy, possession &/or doormat.

  33. Kelsey Pizzati

    It makes me mad that I have to be this way . I just want to love it almost makes me want to cry , do you ever feel like that ? It’s like If I have to be like this then just f it allll

  34. YoungYummy

    Please don't send him back

  35. Judi Lopez

    Wow. So on point. He has a huge ego. Wouldn't commit. Player energy. He barely reciprocated. I ended it with mr. Scorpio. I will not give in….he needs to prove himself. Until then I will do me. Great reading!!!!

  36. Henry Cazares

    I’m ♋️ male,I won’t hold my breath for this connection anymore . If we ever talk to each other great ,if we don’t I’m fine with that too,one thing that I won’t ever do is beg someone to talk to me no matter how much I like them, one thing I do know I won’t give my heart to someone who doesn’t deserve it .

  37. Erica Vicario

    Do u do gotta personal readings?

  38. Zennia White

    How could you be saying these things thats why u good. Omg. I wish she could listen and give me a chance to work it out us a chance

  39. Zennia White

    The cancer is holding me back but what u want me to do if the cancer wont talk to me girl cause u talking to me for real

  40. Wendy Lang

    100% accurate down to to the saying bad things during the argument 😟

  41. Nika Glows

    My twin flame refuses to take accountability for ANYTHING, and at this point, I have no problem walking away from them💔

  42. L Wood

    This story happened to me today..

  43. Erica Vicario

    Wow I had to switch cuz I am CAPRICORN ur reading on that was perfect cuz I do have a kid that he knew of & part of for a lil bit before he left me. On this reading I am the LESSONS Bright side & He is Lessons Dark side. It relates so much cuz he does need to own up his part & he has been in a dark side for awhile by his choices he made. U do hope we get together in AUGUST Thanks

  44. Ayahea Richards

    My ex. The way he's acting and been. Is disgusting. His lies. And cheating. And expects me to just be his friend. Its only been a few months. No no way I'm no way singing to his tune. I blocked him this time. He can sort his shit out. I don't want to speak to him until he grows up

  45. Tiana Thomas

    Your really good my whole situation down to the T

  46. free spirit

    wow this is exactly what im doing iam not sharing my emotions and he is getting mad i can feel it cause i used to be the one to initiate communication but this time i surprised him. thank you for the confirmation 🌹♥

  47. Mybestlife

    Thank you. In the past I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve. It’s been 3 months no contact. Some readings encourage me to make contact but I do know he has to work to deserve my attention

  48. Ladypride69

    Resonated, one Cancer screwed up another Cancer… no communication. Not sure anymore about this connection. Thank you for this reading 😊👍 love your readings alwaysz❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻

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