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  1. prarabdha ek shuruaat

    Sal plzz tell if he will come back he blocked me from everywhere ajay is married n settled.. working engineer for government m betrayed by him

  2. Butterfly

    Been seeing the number 8 a lot and yes I’m dealing with someone named Patrick, who is scared of commitment and my ex is named Jason

  3. Kate Sheraton

    Cancer and Scorpio – mirroring each other again. Both want it but both unable to make a move that will actually get this connection going properly

  4. Mesh Dela Croix

    Thank you for the reading Sal. it's spot on! it's my life Sal.. been dealing with a Capricorn who keeps on ignoring me..

  5. Maria Rivera

    Dang Sal…. you’re definitely vibing with me! I have an aunt named Alma and an uncle named Edgar

  6. NatividadSRamos Vasconcelos

    Sal;You look like Toshiro Mifune Kobe and Dalai Lama .My Love;Respect and Best WISHES for the Holidays 2019-2020

  7. free spirit

    i blocked sagittarius two moths ago and iam the one who restricted communication because iam done with his games

  8. NaraNara Mango

    Sometimes, unloving someone is easy, forgiving is not.. 🙂

    The only pure love that I have right now is for MONEY.. 😌

  9. Genny Music

    Lol why the wig on the thumbnail ? Nothing against but I thought it was fun 🤣—- thanks for the read sal!

  10. free spirit

    i have been seeing 888 a lot recently 😲

  11. Helen J. Goh

    thank you ! (i just saw something behind you, at the door ?… lol )

  12. Amma G

    Interesting! My name is Amma and my silent Taurus love partner who is MIA is aka Jay. My exes are Edgar and Alex from decades ago. I've been faithful but my Taurus has gone silent for over a week now – no communication at all. It's heartbreaking.

  13. oshandi madawala

    Sal you look handsome 👍👍👍

  14. Patricia Soria

    Purchased the extended, first of all I would like to show my gratitude to Sal, at times his sassyness hits me like a sword, but just like the ripping off the bandaid the pain is over as soon as it is… In the daily he mentioned my name so I definitely needed to purchase the extended, and glad I did because it as the clarification I seeked today, tempted to reach out but deeply moved not to… I also read cards for myself as if to carry a conversation with him (the person im inquiring for) through them, while he does him… As i told him he should, love to begin to comprehend at loving at a distance and not assuming like I have and not being soooo codependent like I was? And Im still doing me (being in other relationship while taking self mastery courses to work right along people like Sal… When with the person I inquired about, Although through the assumptions I felt like something has been hiding from me, and I seeked to find out what exactly but like Sal said sometimes its better not to know… Sal and a few others have been like the back bone through my journey… And greatfully greatful that they do how they do, due under the circumstances… And i heartfully hope and have faith because of their help they seek and receive for their highest greatness, and to their guides 🙏🌈🙏…. Thank You again Sal for being who you are how you are… Sincerely Patricia…

  15. Monica 911

    I love the new hair. The blonde looks good!

  16. Trice's Tarot Shawtys

    Hey Sal omg I was like can Sal please say my name once so I can confirm you hear me.🤔 Yes my name is Patrice, my ex middle name is Bernard wow lol. Omg other ex is in the army last name begins with a K geesh lol 😁. I just said this my career comes first but I'm already in love withy true counterpart long distance we eloping ,so goodbye exes. Oh yeah my youngest daughter is Alex lol. Sal you amazing 😘🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!

  17. Patrice Fields

    That's where you said that because my name is Patrice today's reading definitely is about

  18. the Fredericks

    We're both cancer he is in isolation atm due to mrsa and I stopped communicating I'm so tired of being the only one who understands inthe relationship I'm so done

  19. • Ash •

    I wonder do you ever hear Indian names too🤔..? Say my name sal… 😄

  20. Masha B

    Both of my interests showed this time one is ex of 7 years in jail and the other one is as described

  21. Doneisha Lindsey

    Cancer 🌚

  22. GreenGoddess

    Went to the recap… and I had already liked it awhile ago.. wow and ugh 🥺🤧 I pray 2020 is not the same… praying so hard.

  23. Mother Phoenix

    He's not communicating, patrick…. I, the Cancer female, wait for him! He just friend requested me on FB which i allowed but silence so i think he's checking all my stuff out… I laugh though. Smfh 4:45pm est talking to him now. Showed up on screen as i was at the end of the video.

  24. Veronica b

    You allways make me laugh… Sal
    But today l m very sad, nothing can make me laugh at all. It s too much sometimes.

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