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  1. Alexa Roberts

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ super excited for the full moon! Thanks for the post! 😘

  2. Its_Gkika

    Ahh wicca book 😍😍

  3. Dei Dei

    Thank u❤️‼️

  4. Annette Williams

    That's all for me Thanks Beautiful Lady 💘 love you have a blessed day God bless you

  5. Ms. B

    Thank U for saying tht!!!!💜💜❣️❣️👁️🙏🙏🙏🙋🙋🙋🍒🍒🍓

  6. Ms. B

    Some of it already happ😊😜🤗

  7. Ms. B

    Six of Clubs💙💚🖤💙💜💛

  8. Yvette Alvarado

    Awhile back you talked about your relationship with mother and I so resonate and thanks to u I recieved some clarity!!My mother and I do not communicate however I have excepted it and wished her well!!So ever since I have been following u and will be following u o. Instagram!!Thank u and have a SPRITUAL day!!Gbless

  9. Ms. B

    I like ur bottles💗❣️

  10. Jesus Hinojos

    Pretty hands

  11. Santha Kelly

    Your love is Extravagant.

  12. Santha Kelly


  13. Tsamatta Atta

    I was born on June 21 iam cusp… should I also follow Gemini reading as well?

  14. Araene1

    This reading is really true for me! Celebration indeed for something I have been praying for and I got that call last night! Yay ❤️

  15. Gina Kilby

    Thank you for yr sweetness! You have an AMAZING GIFT!!! I’m an emotional Cancer baby and u r so generous to share your books that you love! Mwah! Your readings are so dead on & make me cry with hope n joy!

  16. Beyond The Muse

    Omg there was a full house in the Taurus reading when I was reading for my Taurus Sun. ☀️🌙Here I’m reading for my Cancer moon and the element of mystery is making me wonder what’s gonna happen. Bless for the gratitude 🌷

  17. Rob Madera

    I am open to receive from the universe thank you thank you thank you 💞💝💗💖💕💓💘💟💜💚💙💛🎇✨🎆🙏

  18. Rob Madera

    I send lot's of love from me to the universe and my beautiful angels I love you God with all my heart and soul thank you thank you thank you 💞💝💗💖💕💓💘💟💜💚💙💛🎇✨🎆🙏

  19. Rob Madera

    You are reading my life thank you so much God bless you 💖🙏

  20. Rob Madera

    Thank you for the message God bless you and your family💖🙏

  21. Marrissa Chavez

    Stupid bitch reading you need to clarify if what part of life is you talking about

  22. Life in multiple colours

    So crosswatching here and good to hear that it's gonna be a emotional and positive week for him. Really interesting that Leo and Cancer got the blank tile…I think that means something bigger. And with the "battle" and he coming to "victory", well he better work on our connection so it will turn out in his favour, bc I have the feeling that he got himself comfortable, and his mind and throat chakra are so closed. I hope that what is coming in his way will open it up for him. Jezz the communication is frustrating. He is so unlike a cancer/water sign.

  23. Malle B

    Amazing thanks ❤️🕊🙏🏻🦀

  24. Marrissa Chavez

    I cannot understand your reading lol

  25. Marrissa Chavez

    What things are you saying lol

  26. Marrissa Chavez

    I hope you have love reading

  27. My Intention Is Born


  28. Julie Tigermoon


  29. Sallie Mae

    Cross watcher Dear Cancerian.I went to church Sunday morning.The first prayer that i said is for you.No matter what happens i continue to pray for your highest good in life,love and career.I am always your friend and your biggest encourager .I love you always.Thank you for everything.

  30. Tesh Hemopo

    Thank you. I hope so 🙏🏽

  31. Jennifer Rosand

    I’m trying to follow you on Facebook, but it keeps saying the page can’t be located when I click on the link. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  32. Theresa Giannette

    Hello fb link didn’t work. Can you post link please.

  33. Claire De La Lune

    Waited 6yrs for 🤰

  34. Arianna White

    gemini moon & rising sagittarius & cancer sun 🌞🌞

  35. yolanda carrillo

    i would love to have that to thank you

  36. Raine ontheWorld

    I have Venus and Mars in Gemini. Thank you for the readings. I hope you do get sponsors…you Deserve sponsors. I just subbed and liked. There is book store in San Francisco on Polk St. You can find all kinds of really interesting books that go way back in time.

  37. Cherie Meadows


  38. Kathleen McCallum

    Thank you. What a haul this unending trauma is. Trying to break free from a toxic. Hoping the energy shifts and moves on!

  39. mia Williams

    😧😧😧thank you so very much. Lord i hope this will be his will. I have been waiting to move and relocate. I was told i would receive a phone call to come in and sign the agreement.its been a long time coming. Please pray for me and may the higher spirt continue to bless you in a wonderful way.😧😧😧😧🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖 Lord help me.

  40. Creative Life with Grace

    3 of spades and 10 of spades is this why my abdomen has been aching since Friday night? It really picked up last night throughout the day, it is heyyyveyyy! 😂😂😂 i take 3 is the solar plexus

  41. Monique Padilla

    I absolutely love how you do your readings I just found you today,❤

  42. Genna25

    Loving how the energy is resonating soooo much and coming into period of harmony. Many thanks….

  43. Corinne Backman

    Thanks you for an exciting weekly reading, you are my earth angel for readings! Many Blessings to you 💗🙏🏻


    Wow! So generous and what beautiful gifts 🎁 🥰

  45. Florence Huesken

    Following you everywhere!

  46. Sunny Magnuson

    Thank God I got a good reading xo.

  47. Elizabeth Sager

    Thank you 😘💕😘😇

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