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  1. Мария Левченко

    So accurate but he ghosted I am so confused.

  2. Bella Secrets

    I'm going to say something, and I'm releasing it to the world in the future. I need to say something to somebody. I've been silent for too long. #Letters 💜😵💙

  3. Vegas Summer

    I had a dream about a dead yellow snake laying on the ground and then I walked up to a brown looking snake hiding in the bushes.. & I’m scared to look the dream up 😓☹️ that’s why I didn’t wanna become spiritual because it’s so torturing 😔😞 I never wanted this.

  4. Shequita S.

    Ive been wanting to move on but he's still in my head. His ego won't let him reach out so we'll never know what we could've resolved.

  5. Tewa Chavez

    They all fucking hate ! Because I’m a pure andn so fucking sick to my stomach on the bullshit

  6. Tewa Chavez

    I did already boo yesterday and no one had the bAlls to speak the fuck up and I was respectful in my delivery and I mDe it fucking very fucking clear I was gonna say it once and one time only !

  7. Suzy x


  8. Jamie Duran

    Waiting on my Taurus to come back waiting for him to leave his easy bake oven babymama Gemini

  9. Karma Light Readings

    Taurus sun and rising cancer- both readings resonated for me very deep 💗💗 Thank you

  10. whyme6911

    That's my Lawyer!!! Hate me

  11. lissette pagan

    Thank you for the reading it resonated but I'M DONE .. this is my last reading .. I've blocked all communication. made all my social media private .. shut down my Skype … I've signed up for classes n began my weight loss journey for myself .. I need to focus on me and me alone .. I don't want him anywhere near me … he can keep his karmic .. Good luck to him .. but im over all this unnecessary drama .. I'm too good for this shit ..

  12. Soultress Of the Light

    Same … Vedic I am cap Rising .. Western I am Aqua Rising .. Aqua I resonate with. Vedic Cancer moon … all me haha .. so strange Leo Sun in both vedic and western

  13. Landon Miller

    My DM/TF I wish him nothing but the best life has to offer. He strayed from our marriage and now lives with his Karmic. It’s time for me to start moving on with my life before years pass me by. I’ll always be here for him but unfortunately he doesn’t want his family anymore. I’ve bettered myself inside and out and his Karmic got him back to drinking and now doing drugs. If he were to ever come home I’d drop everything to help him but to get him into an inpatient rehabilitation center via the VA since he is a retired marine. I pray for him more than I pray for myself. Nothing but love for my twin. But I have to find my happy place again.

  14. Agatha Russell

    Totally resonated with my life. The hater is the third party that he has. I've cutoff communication but he keeps calling every day. He knows what has to go/change and then maybe we can get back together.

  15. Taylour Darden

    Youre videos are so accurate.. Im so grateful I found you

  16. Kaz Kaz

    Yep resonated ❤️

  17. Ni Made Widalyathi

    You got it so right codependency onlybig talks big planNithing to prove it’s dshow for it Ego to huge 👎👎👎👎

  18. JayKay Day

    Resonates oh so well .

  19. Epiphany Kearney

    I did lose my patience. Sent him a novel after he got disrespectful with his mouth because he wanted to drink/ smoke and pop off. He hasn’t said anything since. I read tarot and stay connected to divine. I think he’s mostly shook cause I exposed his soul. I almost feel bad cause I went IN but he told me I need to be “put in my place” in front of his brother thinking it was funny. Nah man.

    Hater is my Karmic husband who I’m separated from 😒


    Crosswatcher… this is my twins energy your reading… but still accurate as hell…I just gave my 2 weeks notice…I worked at a transitional house/halfway house… for rehabilitation of prisoners… thank you… Blessings…

  21. Antonea Ames

    Cancer Sun, Venus and Mercury thank you

  22. My life as Lai

    I'm glad his learning her lessens BUT, I'm not waiting i need to enjoy my life and enjoy what my life is going to bring

  23. My life as Lai

    Glad to know you do zodiac sign reads💜

  24. ShinyKittyQueen

    My vedic I'm Cancer sun cancer Rising and I definitely don't resonate with that sign in those positions. My tropical I'm leo sun leo Rising and no cancer in my chart and I resonate with my tropical more but watching my vedics just in case lol

  25. Dee G

    Patiently waiting for Libra reading 🤪I’m just learning about all the astrology signs. I’m a Libra ♎️ with moon in Capricorn ♑️ and ascendant Sagittarius ♐️ . Still figuring out what all this means lol! It’s fun though 😄👍🏽

  26. Zaqueen zhane ́ b

    Press press press press bitches be pressed its cool i love all haters

  27. Zaqueen zhane ́ b

    I'm aries cancer rising

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