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  1. Jessica Conn

    I broke 2 bones in my arm and had to have a cast when they took it off 🤢🤮 my arm was so nasty 😷 with all the dead skin

  2. Gabi Phifer

    Did you have to do chemo?

  3. langely Claire

    Omg i’m a diver!!!

  4. snoman :D

    Hey! I was looking through my subscribers and who is subbed to me. Thanks for the sub, and I feel so sorry for you with your cancer. I wish you well!

  5. adeline overcash

    omg your so strong i wouldn’t be stable i’ve always been scared for getting cancer it’s been a fear of mine but you inspire me a lot

  6. Megan Manuel

    My brother has one of those splint casts too


    I never knew you had cancer. Am I to late?

  8. Tonya Boggs

    Y was u n so much pain girl?

  9. Gamer 52

    I live in Minnesota too about 20 mins from Rochester

  10. Marley & Hailey

    Wait……you have cancer!!?????!!?!?!?!?!?!?! omg I started watching you channel today!!!

  11. Joshua Hamilton

    You must hear this alot but you are so brave and strong. I am just now getting aquainted with your story. I am trying to catch up. But you are amazingly awesome. I am praying 4 u. Stay Great … Great is what you are👍!!!

  12. Isha Khan

    I am not trying to be mean but do u have cancer stay strong my aunt had it and died cause of it xx 💪🏼😥

  13. Jbug2746 JBug2746

    I never knew you had cancer stay strong girly! You inspire me everyday!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ lots of love

  14. Livslife 101

    You are so beautiful no matter what

  15. Hope Collins

    What type of cancer does she have?

  16. Ayleigha Shupe

    Omg I didn’t know you had cancer

  17. Reese Johnson

    My sis went to Mayo (the hospital) when she was getting treated with epilepsy.

  18. Ashleymcity Roblox

    You don’t deserve this but you will be strong 😉 💖💖

  19. Briana Akers

    Love that nose ring

  20. Briana Akers

    You’re super pretty 👸

  21. Autumn Harris

    I'm glad your well I'm glad ilysm

  22. Mel Harrison

    Is she still alive?

  23. Gary Edwards

    CANCER IS A FAKE DISEASE maintained and profitalatized by the pig pharmacy industry. look up otto warburg. ive had cancer ive had family die from cancer i know what cancer is hold on ill dig up my own further explanation . ill explain what wikki wont about warburg theory. when your acidic your cells dont have enough oxygen to convert sugars into energy. your cells use oxygen to convert sugars into energy. alkaline is high oxygen acidic is low oxygen. when your cells dont have enough oxygen to do that conversion they revert to a simpler form of energy creation, fermentation. your cells begin to ferment to try and convert sugars into energy. the off product of fermentation to create energy is lactic acid thats localized. the lactic acid gathers around the cells and it damages the cells it damages the cells and it damages the dna and rna inside the cells. that's where the code that tells the cell how much to reproduce is held. once that code is sufficiently damaged it begins to replicate uncontrollably. all tumors are are a mass of dead cells at the core creating and gathering more dying cells. get yourself a big bottle of Flor-essence tea. i used to have cancer it works. look up "spark people otto warburg" he holds the nobel nomination record at 47 nominations and his 1931 win for warburg theory holds the key
    liquid flor-essence tea is a concoction of organic herbs that removes acidic toxins from the body. powerful medicine that works. chemo therapy is the most profitable industry in the world not because of its stellar reputation. you tube "cancer the forbidden cures", "fat sick and nearly dead", "dying to have known", "the beautiful truth", and "seeds of death"… if you can watch all these and you dont realize there is something very wrong with the way western medicine approaches disease… maybe you should re think it. google "spark people otto warburg" for the answer to all disease

  24. camille

    is your osteosarcoma not aggressive enough to need chemotherapy? i’ve never heard of that before xD

  25. Cassandra Faith

    Love the fact you are listening to old school Lorde ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. katilyn boyd

    R u going to loose your hair

  27. Mnemosyne Trident

    Mars I urge you to check this out. It's a book on first hand accounts of dramatic health improvements from practicing Falun Dafa. People have recovered from life threatening ailiments (including cancer) from this system:


  28. Spencer Wells

    snapchat wells_99

  29. water bear

    Holy crap I was there same time too and had same trouble trying to find a place to park my truck

  30. ryan pausina

    You have an amazing look on camera and you look too eager and heathy to get beaten by sarcoma. What treatments are coming up for you? Have you seen this video series about the latest in cures? I'd love to see you try fight it and win. Xx https://youtu.be/KqJAzQe7_0g

  31. John Prester

    Just order some 100% DMSO gel. Take a clean white cotton rag and wipe it on you. You may feel prickly, if it is too much then wet the rag (with distilled water) about 5-10 minutes is enough or more if you get used to it. You may get a little headache and you may smell like garlic, that is a sign its working, that will stop happening over the next few days. If you get some swelling where you put it time to take if off. Nothing scary, Keep this up. There is 30% DMSO which wont give you any redness, but I would just go with 100% and use water to dilute it. Redness and some topical swelling is about the only side effect. Take a shower using no soap of any kind. Dont leave it on overnight. Don't mess with latex gloves or touch anything plastic. Put it topically as close as you can to the area.

  32. celiaSlimey Princess


  33. Delilah July

    i just came across your channel and i actually live very, very close to mayo in minnesota. i know exactly where you were and everything. but anyways, i hope you get better xx

  34. Abby McNeil

    Omg I’m am so sorry I’m going to pray for you and your family ❤️❤️

  35. Cassidy Jewison

    I live in Minnesota too and oml Mayo I know that place like my own face

  36. Mollyicious

    Not sure if you still got cancer but if you do, I hope you get through it so stay strong Mars💗

  37. Greg Dahlen

    If you should have cancer again, or want to avoid a recurrence, I do wonder if the diet I've followed for 11 years might help cancer. For 11 years I've been living perhaps 92% on fluid milk products, cow milk and cow cream. So every day at least 92% of my diet is some kind of milk or milks–skim, 1%, 2%, whole–plus I sometimes buy pints of half-and-half or fluid whipping cream and drink them straight. I think this might help cancer cuz it's easier on the body than solid food.

  38. Jet

    Stay strong. You can do this. We are all here to support you.

  39. Alli Marie

    why was she in so much pain

  40. Olive Dog

    Why the hell did they not give her something for her pain?! Fucking bullshit

  41. Jayynne From musical.ly

    Gotta love the roch😂 tomorrow is my first day at Mayo hope you beat this best wishes

  42. Dawn Sher

    I had surgery on my wrist amd elbow 6 months ago and I'm still sore…it's def hard!!

  43. Bailey Brooke


  44. Siamese Tv

    Glad too hear that u are feeling a bit better!!! Stay strong😘😘😘We love u so much🎗❤️👽🍀

  45. megan fitzgerald

    bro its so weird watching someone in MN, literally in my old hometown and hospital, praying for you girly, we should be friendssssssss

  46. Danielle Marie

    Stay strong, hopefully it will never come back. MRI I hate I’ve had million of them. Why were in so much pain? I can’t fall asleep in a mri even with medicine

  47. Shay Rose

    Were you in Iowa for this? Just curious because I've only heard of one Mayo Clinic

  48. Serina Lawson

    Use aloe or e oil on your scars. It will help them to not be purple/noticeable

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