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    WORD! You are mindblowing accurate! I send you many warm thoughts, may our positive thoughts warm you! Have a great and successful time. You rule!

  2. TheChosinOne #1

    Godbless You🙏❣

  3. Marie Mar

    I am Cancer but you are reading my ex Gemini/Cancer. So I’m a Gemini coz I have Gemini in my Venus. This is story from the past.

  4. Robin Yazbeck


  5. Melicia Morrell

    I am moving forward with out him he is a libra I been married to him for 22 years I am done I am tired of trying to make it work I don't want to be in a relationship with no but myself.

  6. High Empress

    Damn you’re good!! Going to the extended

  7. Maria Peratiro

    Wow…i read this reading again n again going to happen in my life and this reading it resonates all the zodiac signs mentioned the two guys involved in my life is in it.. just waiting these to happen..and i wish it will come true❤️❤️❤️with the one currently i am involve..


    I would love a free reading ❤️ I’ve been watching your channel for a while and never entered before. But I feel that this is the right time. Way to much my spirit guides are telling me but I Need the clarity

  9. Whit Nee

    I'm in St Paul 😭😭 it's gonna colder this weekend

  10. Carmella Kelly

    I love ur readings !! But why it seems u do Virgo, cancer, Libra, more then everyone else 😩

  11. Lauren Jacome

    Thank you

  12. Love Rapetswa

    I would love a free reading.

    I need a bit of clarity on whether or not the Capricorn I’m with is my twin flame connection or just another lesson

  13. Tracie Harrison

    OMG, I dont know why I feel this will ring true. As soon as I moved on.

  14. Xolo Xozo Tarot

    I am so angry

  15. Xolo Xozo Tarot

    I am so upset, cancer came back to me today. I thought he was coming in with great news and wanting to be with me.

    But instead he friend zoned me and says he likes me as a friend and kinda likes me and just wants to hangout in person.

    Gina I am furious right now I blocked him. I am having bad thoughts towards him 🤬🤬🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  16. Brett Mostert

    You are too cool 🖤

  17. melkichristie


  18. Cher Bear

    Not today satan, I mean scorpio 😂🤣😂

  19. Mary Pressley

    Originally from MN. A little jealous you are there. 😉 Even though it is chilly there, I hope you are enjoying it.

  20. Eman B

    Thank you ☺️👌🏼💖💫

  21. Larisa A

    I was waiting for your reading! I'm glad you're a cancer so you always upload cancer readings first🥰 also thank you for this one as well and ofc I'd love a free reading!

  22. Pilar Quiroga Music

    Hey girl! Waiting for Gemini here!!

  23. Humble Bumble

    New person is a rare gem.

  24. Nina

    The extended reading is chock full of riveting details!

  25. Mansa Patricia

    Blessings love and peace xxx

  26. Mansa Patricia

    I just want to focus on only healthy life style xxxx

  27. Mansa Patricia

    If its a sag he should just live me alone cuz I just no more into drama .no more toxic deceitful betrayal energy in my life.

  28. cancerian girl

    I'd love a free reading. Thank you for this message.

  29. Green Myst

    I'd love a free reading please😍🙏🏽

  30. Ayesha Iram

    I m hearing some one is coming…but not seeing anyone….is it true???

  31. Antoinette Kannan

    So true my new person is an Aries who ghosted me and I'm waiting for him… but my other x who is a Capricorn and is married wants me back…

  32. Kisa Rizvi

    I want an free reading pls. M going through phase. N my dear mom also passed away in June. M going through tought phase he is gemini.

  33. feliciamayes mayes

    Not today Satan…..Hunntyy…you said it….

  34. Antoinette Kannan

    I want a free reading… I'm a cancer ghosted by an Aries 😭😭

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