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  1. Exceptional

    This match the Pisces reading too🥰 I believe!

  2. Risha Sarkar

    Thank you. You always read the truth of my current situations..

  3. Chie Abejo


  4. Michelle Moffett

  5. Jinny Barber

    B safe…blessed b

  6. Ciera Padgett

    11:11 it's definitely meant to watch!

  7. Alyssa Castillo

    Wow I’m a sag dealing with a cancer. He just texted me 30 mins ago trying to explain his feelings (he’s not very good at this) after a week of disconnecting.

  8. Arlyn Diamond

    Great reading,, iam trying to disconnect somewhat tired of waiting.. I’m in Florida to ..

  9. Alma Ruiz-Smith

    This reading is totally him. I as the other person am totally ga-ga with passion and love. Stay safe throuigh the hurricane….

  10. thisisme thisisme

    Omg !!! How did you know I told him he lied to me!!!! Amazed!!! He had the 3rd party, told me he was divorcing his wife and he has not. So hes out till he does, if he does not that is fine just do not lie to me! If you love your wife stay, just dont play me!!!

  11. r butterflies

    11:11 🌟💫🌟

  12. Susie Z SWFL

    Stay safe sweetie! I’m in SW FL

  13. T E

    Amazing! Thank you! 💜🙏🏾

  14. Quinell Albury

    I wish I could love this. I'm a cross watcher I'm a Virgo and he's a cancer. And this is so accurate. There is a third party situation he needs to get rid of. And he really does do things to try drive a wedge between us. Like he would send me a message an ex sent him saying she misses him but I'm not shaken worried or threatened. She's an ex for a reason. And he's gonna let go of the fighting and finally come around and see that what we have is real. And yes marriage moving in together all of that he's saying soon so… It's just a matter of time now. Thank you for the reassurance I love your readings! 😍😍

  15. Natasha H

    Thank you 1111 it's a sure message and I do fully resonate yes it's the ex you told me about returning Aries scorpio rising I'm not fighting it no longer yes it's my soul mate 💯 can't denie it, the almighty God's plan thank you 😇 ❤️💗❤️🙏🏿🙏🏿


    Hope your safe out there!


    Hope your safe out there!


    He hasn’t reached out yet.

  19. kathleen

    Thank you 😊Good luck with the storm 🙏🏻

  20. Nancy Santamaria La Tica

    Cross watcheR here Leo ♌️ here Fuck ! Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes See is freakn great too. Wake the fuck up I want u. My sexy moon. Sorry but spot on mama ! CALIfornia 💚 sending good vibes. B safe u and fam. Hold on L0v ur channel 2

  21. The M fields

    I live in South Florida too. Be safe!

  22. Star Estela

    Omg 😮 Thank you I’m beginning to not fight this connection anymore. He shows me in ways I’ve never noticed before and now do. I feel a new chapter in our relationship coming ❤️

  23. Mandy_714

    Video is 11:11 love it 💫

  24. Mia Torres

    Girllllll, you – be safe! 🙂 I just sent my cancer man, a friendly, 'hello' message, after not speaking for a while. I'm hoping, it works. I want him to let me love him 🙂

  25. Loni Negron

    Floridan Here please stay safe!!!

  26. Carolyn Cintron

    Im in Tamarac… Be safe as well… Thank you for the beautiful reading… 💜💜💜

  27. Little miss Sunshine

    11.11 time stamp had to watch,it all resonated,there is 3rd party,and he hides his feelings massively all the time.but I know he feels what I feel,and I know it’s meant to be

  28. Stefani Davis

    That 11:11 video length tho! 😍🙌🏻

  29. Kyisha Stringfield

    I'm in St. Petersburg, FL. Be safe 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  30. Love June

    Aww my Piscean King of cups just come to me so we can make it right love 💕

  31. Daisy Roots

    Good luck in Florida. 🙏🏻

  32. manisha gupta

    Thank you.

  33. seema mehta

    Lord Ganesha gonna help me to get him back in my life again 😘❤️🙏🏻🌈💫🌹

  34. Foreign MelaninTM

    Omg!! Not even done watching and I’m in tears because this feels like a personal reading and me and my guy just talked briefly about our situation today(this morning).. Has me in genuine tears!! Thank you. And then the reading is 11:11 with a Virgo new moon!! #confirmation

  35. seema mehta

    He had accused me .. by lying him which is not not not not true at all !!! God damn cancer pls open your fuckin heart ❣ and eyes ! He’s causing third party situation which doesn’t mean that he’s dating someone else ., Nah nah ! He’ll never do that

  36. seema mehta

    He thinks as if I’m having flings with others !! Or I have other option or I’m taking him as an option ! That’s not true at all .. he did agree with saying I don’t like uu Rn but do love you 😍

  37. seema mehta

    Pray for me ! Pls !

  38. Estacia Light Tarot

    I really love your readings! Hoping all will be okay for you out in Florida!

  39. seema mehta

    As your reading he will come out of that kinda feelings ! He can’t fight anymore the feelings towards me ! Love 💕 uu. I’m so excited 😆 Thank you 😊.. I was watching this reading as he is an cancerian .. jus wanted know wtf cancers are upto ❣️😘

  40. seema mehta

    Your reading does resonate 💯 with my situation ! On to the freakin point !! One one word was describing our relationship… I did texted him today morning but no response! Waiting for him

  41. seema mehta

    I’m Sagi .. he’s cancer .. we did had an heated argument on 28th August from than he’s not texting or calling me ! But he wrote me he will , in few days ..

  42. Lisa R

    Immediately clicked to watch when I saw the 11:11 time stamp ❤❤❤

  43. sara deasy

    I’m disconnecting because he was cheating on me the entire time and lied about it whenever i got intuitive hits about it. He was an Aries. I’m letting it go and him.

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