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  1. Niamh Joyce

    Thanks Michele ❤️

  2. Lisagirl 143

    Oh yeahhhh!!! Thank you so much Michelle❤love your puppers🐾🐾too!!! Always our damn love life, just kicked Mr Fickle to the curb, told him buh byeee, I deserve way better!!!! THANK YOU❤❤❤❤❤THIS YEAR DONE BEING TREATED LESS THAN!!!! Transforming and looking forward to a much more balanced love life!!!!!

  3. Tj Love

    Absolutely 100%!!

  4. Deb1650

    For me, this week is about the status of my job, not anything romantic.

  5. bellanewfie

    Worst reader ever for five minutes reading nor worth why bother

  6. Jane Elliot

    Thank you 🙏 wishing you a wonderful week.

  7. Being Me

    My natal moon is ♋️ in my 8th House. This should be good.💜🤍🌈🌟🦋🥂💖💎

  8. Juliette Purdy

    Haha.Michelle.I will honour Myself
    I hAve the courage.No f…..g arround here. Yesterday I stepped up and walked away from a nit picking person constant putdowns
    After 10 years . Yay to me

  9. Jenny Oh

    Any other cancers energy drained


    Loved the reading, thanks sweety.

  11. Astrology Horoscopes Numerology Vital Info

    Love your energy. I need it! Maybe I need to watch more!

  12. Vlinder 010

    Single for 20 years and celibate for 7..Talking about self respect. But I am worthy of love no matter what state I'm in! And I love your sweet dog.. 😉

  13. Karen Rutherford

    ❤️❤️❤️ thank you!!!!


  15. Maggie Jenkins

    This Pluto conjunct Saturn is conjunct my natal Saturn opposed my natal Sun square my natal Moon, I'm f@cked or my worst enemies are, what say you.

  16. Ggg

    Miss your tarot readings !

  17. My Intention Is Born


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