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  1. Selrena Simmons

    I was dealing with a toxic Gemini. I went through a bad heart break after he told me I was nothing to him. After eight months I had to let him go and find my I self. I am in peace, I attended church more, I have my own prayer and meditation session. I am focusing on me now. I have been chatting with my daughter about my past experience in relationship. She is going through a breakup with her first unborn child. But God has the last say so with that situation. Yes I am going back to school and relocating to start my business. Live this reading, right on point😘

  2. Sue Radden

    Thank you Taria! Totally resonates for me! I have farmland that was just sold. Also, I am dealing with a female who is much higher than
    me in the organization that was very condescending to me. I have a discussion with a corporate individual this week regarding this where I plan to update him. You were speaking all about to me! Love and blessings to you!😊. Mahalo!

  3. Indigo Author

    Beautiful reading, it was on point. Thank you, sending abundant blessings your way. Have a Cheerful Holiday!!!

  4. Manisha Mo


  5. Linda Holding

    Thank you so much this right on point and I love this reading. Love you

  6. Selenophile 4 Lif3

    Thank you!

  7. Nyssa TwoscoopsKratom

    Listening at 333

  8. Deborah Thiel

    So grateful for you dear one.

  9. kleec85 711

    All I want is to become pregnant before the end of the year lol

  10. Eddy Scott

    I feel empowered and in the know of each week when I watch your readings. Thanks Taria & God Bless

  11. Barbara Howard

    Have a blessed week ♋🌹🦋👑 Thankyou Taria 🙏💒

  12. michelle Moralesz

    Thank you 🙏🏻 ❣️😘😊

  13. Indigo KBH

    Yes Leave all dem Toxic Narcs Behind!

  14. Shelly Brown

    So true—I’ve ALWAYS known I’ve had the Spiritual Gift of Sight. I’ve seen things in dreams and visions which come to past. Also, I am a School Counselor who loves working with children. This work comes very easy for me. However, I’ve applied for a job where I will be able to help/work with children on a wider scale. Everyone please pray that I get the job—thank you ❤️

  15. Janet Ell

    Thankyou & many blessings to you Taria for such a beautiful reading. Yes I am mooving on. Should have happend sooner but family & life takes over certain priority's family illnesses..my healing too. This past 6yrs has
    been hectic & toxic. & if Im to be honest..its been the Past 10 yrs since my husband past over. & my only sister 4 yrs ago & my mum last xmas. It's just Me & my kids etc now.. at the same time as i found out truth's & kicked the toxic X out the door. Been trying to moove on since lol👣👣💫😇💫⚘

  16. Miriam Garcia

    Love u n thanks💗

  17. Alysia Villanueva

    Yes libra was deceiving me manipulaying lead me on broken promises and i forgave them BT now look what they said⬇️📩

  18. Alysia Villanueva

    Cancer here dealt with libra 4 yrs been seperation since sept 😣 not the 1st time they always had options at work now 2 and they claim they want to b single and wnt fk different girls @ their place of work they wudnt hesitate and threw it in my face said they cudnt respect me or love me they so detached cuz what they caused in the past they abandon me and i refused to let them keep me as an option until they found someone else again 🚮

  19. Ace Hardy


  20. Lynie Toussaint

    Taria excellent reading honey. Thank you for your commitment to all of us. Love you Taria. Lynie 🙂

  21. Susan Evans

    Could really relate to your prediction as a Cancer. 😊

  22. Deloris Wilson

    This is a good thing , to get things off your ❤️ , and we can move on in love .. I hope everything comes out this week ..in love 🌈🌅💚💐🌷💝🔥⚡🌄

  23. King A

    Thank you so much

  24. Canda Center of The Universe

    Very supportive. I just stepped into my power & wrote & sent a message full of truth. Thankyou for this!

  25. michelle

    Lots of commercial interruptions which is very annoying but thanks for the reading anyway

  26. SuperQueenBee45

    Thank you and Endless Blessings to you!🌹❤🙏

  27. Jackie C

    Thank you Taria, everything in your message rang true for what's going on in my life right now. Very helpful ❤

  28. Benita rich

    Thank you so much 🌸🙏 love and blessings to you Tara🌹

  29. Radhika S. K.

    Thank you so much the truth about sale of property n work next level is so true

  30. Jewel Gotz

    Getting a reading some time would be great and knowing where to go to find out about it

  31. Jewel Gotz

    Oh my goodness this reading hit the nail on the head for me you’re amazing I love listening to you it seems it so every time you read for cancer it’s all me great reading thank you and God bless you and merry Christmas

  32. Jenny Box

    I am planning to join a business this month have been holding off due to money etc I so want to be successful guess I am worried have to decide what to do and when asap. Lovely reading thank you

  33. Fiona Coleman

    Thank you so much . God bless and sending love , wishes , blessings and any healing needed xxx

  34. Wissale Ch

    Oh I m first here, it s been a long time since I watched your videos, hope you re doing well and thank you for the videos 💛😊

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