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  1. Brenda Smith

    That's all me thank you

  2. Liezel Miranda

    My birthday is july 17 1986 i want to know my zodiac sign

  3. Danila Angileri

    I am open and receptive to all good.
    Thank you 🙏

  4. Yvonne Mcneilly

    Thank you Taria 🙏

  5. Rosa Haritos

    many thanks, lovely reading. blessings and gratitude to you Taria- may you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and joyous holiday season.

  6. Dawn Tebbutt

    What a great assertive reading, I need this. And I love the assertion and positivity in the way you read it. And Ruby is my birthstone. Thank you.x

  7. Patricia Cecilia Blanco

    Hi beautiful thank you Happy New Moon blessings to you

  8. Douglas Linnell

    Hi kathy here Happy Thanksgiving !!! sending you peace,love and white light nameste

  9. Delinah Rae

    I was tired, ready for bed. But I saw your post and thought Taria is always positive. I love how happy you get for the sign you're reading.

    I don't get the good stuff your readings say are coming, but I get a little hope. That will do for now.

  10. Kathleen McCallum

    Thank you Taria. Bless your heart for this great read.

  11. Smokin Hot

    Taria, all the signs and symbols are there, I know I have all the tools and skills to manifest all my dreams and goals, it has been a very long spiritual journey for me to finally reach this point in my lives. I have changed so much spiritually and look at everything so differently in all ways, thank you for all your inspirational enlightenment for all us cancers, we must trust and follow the path to full transformation….bless you and thank you again………

  12. wena m. gurung

    thank you 😍😘

  13. Optimistic motivation and knowledge

    My ex has 2 ex's thats the same sign, jow do i know when the reading is talking about me

  14. Lynie Toussaint

    Taria you are such a beautiful soul. Never change who you are. Eternal hugs. Lynie

  15. CancerBaby Rockstar

    I love your readings thanks again! Natural born leader baby! ❤❤❤and I stand in my power! Thank you spirit

  16. CancerBaby Rockstar

    I'm a teacher! So on point… resonates whole heartedly

  17. Mary D

    Great read for the week. It reasonated fully with me. Thank you so much Taria. 🌈🍁🍂🦃✨

  18. Shelly

    Ugh!! Why can't you just relate an actual story the cards tell!

  19. Doreen Porter

    I forgive you. Aries.

  20. FromThat ToThis

    I love when the reader gets excited, this made me smile the whole way through, and ruby red is Cancer Birthstone also , thank you spirit and reader for the blessings❤

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