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  1. HeidisHappenings

    Moving and downsizing this week 🤯❤️❤️❤️

  2. Lucimar Teixeira

    Yessss pleased chock me!! 🤣🤣. And so be it. And so it is!! 🙏🙏

  3. Auja Nicole

    I want my marriage back 🥺😞💔

  4. nayda malave

    Wow I 🙏 every day I wish that everything that I 🙏 for comes true because I do pray a lot god bless you.

  5. Iulian Merisan

    i have been praying to get this job ❤

  6. Iulian Merisan

    I have applied for a new job got interview still waiting on feedback hope god listen ur reading and might bless everyone thanks you ❤❤

  7. Rob Madera

    Thank you my beautiful spirits i love you with all my heart and soul thank you thank you thank you💓❤💘💝💟💞💗💜💖💕💙💛💚🎇✨🎆🙏

  8. Lauren Quevillon

    My prayers and energy surrounds you. I felt a heaviness within you before you started this read. You are loved. You are such a wonderful soul. I hope all of your dreams and wishes come true this week as well.


    Thank you mam for nice reading

  10. gemcan54

    I've been wishing for lottery so I can retire. For 20 years, I've been wishing for lottery to have a garage (tired of snow covered car) that of course would be attached to a house. I'm not getting my hopes up, other readings have been a big let down.

  11. Joanna Bilog

    Thank you so much..I claim it thank you spirit..Beautiful Love😋😋😋😚😚😚

  12. T S

    got the new job offer last week! planning to buy a home, hopefully soon 🙂 blessings to you and thank you!

  13. Audrey Hope

    WOW.. thank you once again

  14. maria jambrek

    OMG you’re reading my life wish,thank you so much amazing reading dear Taria.❤️💜🌹🌟🌟🌟Namaste

  15. JA B

    This reading was amazing and fingers crossed, everything comes true, it has been a long, hard road and I am open to universal love and happiness. Thanks for a positive reading , love rules!! xx

  16. Nan Welch

    Single and mingle👍

  17. Nan Welch

    Thank you😇👍👊…so spot on for me😇🌰🌱

  18. IamLove

    It sounds so amazing what you are reading to us!! I am thinking of buying my own place but not sure how to afford it at the moment but making a plan and new job is on my mind too! I’ll keep you posted what is happening this week. Btw do you do private readings?? Thank you 🙏 😘

  19. Sunshine W

    Thank u luv!

  20. Laura Wolpert

    I love that The tower is in my reading because I am trying to make some changes in my life and this tells me I'm on the right track

  21. B. Ain

    Thank you for this reading. I sure could use the good news this message offers.

    Lots of Love to you and yours.

  22. Elvie Tapanan

    I really have to ask this..my zodiac sign is cancer born July 22..I don't have any cancer in my sun m00n rising and venus..will this cancer reading for me?cause the cancer I have is my zodiac sign..I'm s0 confused..pls I really need ur reply..

  23. Alysia Villanueva

    Yea tower moment Libra jumped into relationship within 1 month of leaving me and im just finding out dropped a few harsh bombs on me 😣😣😣

  24. Elena R

    Page of Wands is what I needed to hear! I'm going to a preparatory class to take exams for a long sought certification. Thanks!!!

  25. Michael H

    Thank you, beautiful reading

  26. Stephanie Stone

    Every reading same cards same out come but when does he come back ?

  27. Eddy Scott

    Dear Taria, what can I say but, Thank you for sending such beautiful energies for next week. I mentioned it before and I will again your reading is a wonderful tool that helps throughout each day, each week and each year. Have a great week and God Bless

  28. Yvonne Mcneilly

    Thank you Taria 🙏 Thank you Spirit 🙏

  29. Prany Sayavong

    Amazing reading !!! 🙏🙏🙏

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