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  1. Lauren Quevillon

    Yes a bill was double what I was expecting. Wiped out my savings. shit!

  2. chitra wickram

    Thank you very much for the encouraging reading.

  3. Sahara Evans

    You’re the best 🙏🏽

  4. Anne Nielsen

    I love how action is a card with horses, as I am going for a holiday on horseback, starting on the 2th of Nov (it's a bit expensive)
    I am also taking riding classes and was asked if I would ride a difficult horse, again this week.
    I am also planning to build on my house, which means big bucks changing hands, looking forward to the experience, but also there's a lot to plan and coordinate.
    I am also feeling confident in my love interest, that the spirits are working with me. If I stray away, they keep sending me signs telling me to keep focus.
    I have started to relax and just let things go in the pace they are supposed to work out.

  5. Claire De La Lune

    What about if you don't have a business or a career?

  6. Christina Banks

    Wow, spot on again. I just started my business today with TWO unexpected payments. I went to church and the message was about laying the foundation. I have limited funds, but I am manifesting abundance in my finances. Love this

  7. Barbie Howard

    Thankyou Taria 🎃👺👾👹👿👽👻💀 Have a blessed week ♋🌈💒

  8. Kris

    This reading was spot on for me. Thank you for alleviating my concerns ♥️✨

  9. Edward Scott Mykietyn

    Thanks so much Taria. As with every reading your accuracy and guidance help plan out the week ahead.

  10. John McDonald

    🎃 With grace and gratitude, I say thank you Taria🌹  Love, peace and blessings to you 🎃

  11. Gyitana Lelith


  12. Luna Moon

    I love your readings. I love the way you talk to spirit!! So sweet. You're a sweetheart. Fab reading. Thank you.x

  13. Michael Avila

    I love your reading 😊

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